Online Year Long Apprenticeships

The Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick online, one-year apprenticeships (I-V) begin March 1 of each year, with a few exceptions for upper level classes IV-V. The application period opens in mid-January every year. Please email High Priestess Kassia S. Morgan at for an application (or to be placed on the waiting list for an application when available) for the next apprenticeship class. Here is the information on WSM I: Sparking Your Inner Flame. Please visit the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple’s website for more details

Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick I is not like most introductory courses and is not centered on casting spells. Rather, it is a spiritual approach that will provide the deep foundation needed to build a powerful and effective magickal practice. You will learn easy but powerful relaxation techniques, develop your psychic skills, learn how to shift consciousness and tap into your full potential, discover synchronicities and messages from Spirit, how to create a simple sacred space to begin your inner work, how to work with energy, astral travel, cleanse your aura and balance your chakras. You will also learn about psychic self-defense, psychic healing, spirit guide contact and many more powerful techniques.

Intensive homework will be required in an independent study format. Some exercises require magickal timing and also ingredients/tools, so when you receive your lesson syllabus each month, please be sure to plan out your month to ensure you have the timing and the items you need to complete the exercises.

There will be an online group component. Class instruction will be provided via montly online video format, written lessons (handouts and syllabus) and photos. You will have access to videos while you are enrolled in the Mystery School. This is a one-year apprenticeship, and classes cannot be individually taken. Class will culminate in your personal Year & A Day Initiation Ritual to mark your completion of Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick I. Please note that ultimately no one can make you a Witch, a Shaman or a Mage – it is between your Higher Self and the Gods.

This Mystery School is an inner development and soul growth school, guiding the individual through intensive independent self-study and direct mentoring by the teacher fitting the boutique nature of our school, through the secret class page and monthly homework submissions. Throughout the Mystery School journey, the student will seek partnership with their Shadow Self and seek to merge with their Higher Self. The Work of this program is geared to guide the individual as they seek to integrate their own soul lessons, develop awareness and a higher state of consciousness/higher vibration, centered in the Heart, anchored in Divine Love and Light. This school provides the vehicle for the student to integrate their spiritual development into their own practice and life – merging the three aspects of the soul as one and embodying the Great Work of the soul.

First “virtual” class is March 1, 2019 with Lesson 1. Last lesson begins on Feb. 1, 2020. The final lesson, Lesson 13, A Year & A Day Initiation Ritual and any remaining class submissions are due by March 1, 2020.

Cost: Course investment is $360 if paying in advance for the full year of 12 classes. Payment schedules may be arranged on a case by case basis and are based solely on financial need; the fee will be a $75 deposit with your application, followed by $30 due by the first of each month starting April 1, 2019, with last payment due February 1, 2020. Certificates of completion will be mailed after final homework and ritual experience is submitted and upon receipt of final payment. Each class builds on the other, so this is a year-long series/class. More details are provided on the application.

Books for Class: Though many books will be referenced during the class, the required books include:
Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews
The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz
Inner Temple of Witchcraft and its companion CD (sold separately) by C. Penczak
Kissing the Limitless by T. Thorn Coyle
Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan
Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune
Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger, and
The Psychic Energy Codex: Awakening Your Subtle Senses by Michele Belanger (new book for our program and we are working on integrating it into the material)

Recommended additional books:
Psychic Protection: Balance and Protection for Body, Mind & Spirit by Ted Andrews
The Kybalion by The Three Initiates

Of course there will be additional resources and teachings referenced during each class. We are considering adding one more book to the required reading.I look forward to journeying with you on the path of the Witch, the Shaman and the Mage!

In Love, Light & Blessings,

Kassia S. Morgan,

Founder, Minister, High Prietess
Spirit’s Edge Mystery School
Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple & Tradition

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