Clergy / Ministerial Services

I am an Ordained Minister and Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. I provide individual ministerial services and individual sessions and am available to the community for:

Spiritual Coaching & Counseling
Life Coaching (Certified Martha Beck Life Coach)
Individual Teaching
Reiki Healing
Shamanic Healing
Crystal Gemstone Healing
(the above are via phone/distance sessions, powerful sessions from the convenience of your own home)

Public Sabbat Rituals through Spirit’s Edge as High Priestess
Custom Rituals (Healing, Protection, Prosperity)
Home Blessings

and various Rites of Passage:
End of Life
Wiccanings and
Baby Naming Ceremonies.

Additional Services:
I teach the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick apprenticeships I-V. These are five levels of a year and a day apprenticeship. For more information visit:

I do not currently provide handfasting/marriage/ renewal of vows/commitment services.

Spiritual Coaching / Counseling, Life Coaching, End of Life, Teaching, Reiki, Shamanic & Crystal Gemstone Healing – $125/hour session or $600 for six sessions (i.e. buy 5 get one free) . All except end of life are offered only as distance/phone sessions. For end of life in person services, it is also .50/mile for travel to the meeting location in addition to the session fee.

Public Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Rituals $25

Custom Rituals (Healing, Protection, Prosperity) , Wiccanings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, House Blessings, Burials/Funerals – $125 plus .50/mile.

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