Coming Together in Gratitude for Pagan Picnic and our Community

By now you have heard the news that this year’s St. Louis Pagan Picnic has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 national emergency. The amazing volunteer Picnic staff and team are to be commended for making this incredibly wise and selfless decision! Sometimes the best decisions are also the hardest decisions. The more difficult choice is often the best choice. This choice protects not only all of the attendees of this large festival, not only all of our own groups and family members, but also the greater community. Together we can flatten the curve!

As pagans, we know that sometimes things don’t happen the way we thought it “should” or how we wanted it to – and that it’s o.k.! It is part of our soul’s journey. All things happen in the right place and at the right time, for the right reason. Magick is the art of change, and we can embrace that change as we flow with the changes during this time. What better way to practice the art of magick than by working through this situation? That is embracing the magick! Magick isn’t always rituals, events and parties – magick is the subtle and the mundane, it is the moments between. Magick is healing. Magick is the flow – and it is the soul’s journey. Each of our souls chose to be here, in this lifetime, in this moment, for a reason.

On a practical level, the more we embrace this change, the more we will limit the spread of COVID-19. We can work together to flatten the curve!! Through both cancelling events like Picnic and our in-person sabbat rituals, etc., and through self-isolating, the more protective we are of everyone. Most importantly, the more we do this, the more protective we are of our most vulnerable populations in the community. That includes those who are sick, who have underlying medical conditions like cancer, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, seniors, etc. Think about all those who need surgery and cancer treatments at the hospital, etc. By making the right choices, we protect them! We also save important resources for those who need it most. No matter what age we are, even if we think “oh, I’m healthy, I’ll be fine if I get it” or “I’m young, I’ll bounce back if I get it” – we can still get it, and more importantly, we can unintentionally spread it to others where the situation could be deadly for someone else.

I say all this not to be doom and gloom. I say all of this because now is our time to come together like never before! I say this because of the beauty, because of all the helpers out there. I say this because of this incredible act by the beautiful souls that are the Pagan Picnic volunteer staff, and the beautiful souls that are in the greater pagan community. Why? Because we are healers!! We are the wise women and men. This is our time to share the wisdom. This is why we walk this earth – to spread Love and Compassion and healing, starting with ourselves and sending that Love and Compassion to others. We make these choices as healers for our community – together.

The most compassionate thing we can do right now as we walk this path on this Earth’s journey is to look out for each other, to make the hard decisions. And then? Then we find the Light and joy in all the little things! We notice! We embrace the season, the Earth, each nook and cranny of our home life. Even the hard things that result from this emergency and how it impacts in our own lives, even through the challenges. We give ourselves and others grace, and we send gratitude to Life. We thank our souls for this opportunity for growth in this lifetime.

That is where we can find the Light in our own souls. As we find that light, we focus on it, we take this time to go within and grow that Light brighter, and we share our light with others. Maybe we can’t come together physically in community, but we can come together as both a pagan community and a greater community – in Spirit, in online community and through our energy. We can radiate and send Love and Light to all!

Take this time to notice all the little things that we forget in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Go back to basics. Get your home and kitchen witch on! Nature is still a great place to go on our own or with the family you are already living with/around every day. For example, today I am taking my new child on a walk. This may not be the ideal time for a new child, especially for that new child to have this major transition, but we are making it beautiful. I am giving her stability and love through this time, and she is flourishing. We are reframing this situation as an opportunity and looking for the blessings within it.

At our house, we have been exploring our imagination, cooking together, watching movies, tenderly caring for our seedling plants. But more importantly, we are caring for each other, we are talking with each other and enjoying those small moments that now we can experience even more. If the news comes on, we look for the good. We look for the helpers, the healers and how people are coming together. We begin home schooling in just two days, likely for the rest of the year, and we are going to make it fun no matter any challenges.

We each have the power to make these decisions within, with our own Will, and then to be in each moment the best we can, to bring ourselves to the present moment. To come back in each moment when our minds start to worry and fear begins to take root, and remind ourselves of who we are and why we are here.

We can also take advantage of the amazing online opportunities for community. Like for our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon online Facebook group (all are welcome!) to join in community together.  Also, watch for more online offerings across the pagan community, just as there are more offerings of education and learning and even entertainment being made available for free online in the greater community.

Spirit’s Edge is totally looking forward to its 2021 booth next year at Pagan Picnic! It will be so much fun and amazing, as we will have a whole added year to look forward to it! Now is a great time too to “get your craft on” and make things as well! For yourselves and your family, and the pure joy of it! If you need more reason, Spirit’s Edge always loves donations for our booth (and online auction), and you can make things we can donate to Pagan Picnic for its raffle next year. Spirit’s Edge always donates items to Picnic each year, and we would like to donate even more next year if possible, to help Picnic have its best raffle ever next year when we are all back together!

Let’s all light a candle of gratitude for the Pagan Picnic staff and send them Love and gratitude for looking out for each and every one of us! Continue to be gentle with yourselves, your families and your community. Know that it’s o.k. to be sad or mad. Let those feelings flow. Then allow the Love and Light of the Divine to flow through you. Lean on your spirit guides, allies, deities, the helping compassionate spirits – they are here to help you.

We are all together in Spirit! You can do this!! 💜🕯💜

Love & Light,

Kassia S. Morgan, 

Founder, Minister, High Priestess, Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple

P.S. and the cute cat is just because, well, it’s a cute cat!

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