Midsummer Online Ritual by Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple

Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Midsummer / Summer Solstice / Litha Ritual & Salon altar – June 17, 2017

The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple had its in-person Midsummer Ritual and Salon on Sat., June 17, 2017. While this online version is a greatly pared down version of our in-person ritual, it is powerful in its own right and will connect you with the greater workings of our Temple.

You are welcome to “like” and follow our Temple page, where you may link to our public Midsummer event page and share photos of your ritual and your experience. You are also invited to join our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon group page (and from there you will have access to our private Midsummer event page) to share photos of your ritual. All are welcome to join! We will be sharing photo albums on both our Temple page and our group page of our Midsummer Ritual altar, and also photos from our Pre-Sabbat Ritual Crafting Workshop – Craft Your Own Witch’s Ladder!

This Midsummer is our second time working with the Hindu pantheon in public ritual and is our two year anniversary of offering online sabbat rituals!

Mark your calendars for our next in-person Ritual & Salon on Aug. 5 for Lammas / Lughnasadh (private event page / public event page) where we will partner with the Corn Mother and White Buffalo Calf Woman in a more shamanic ritual.  Our pre-ritual workshop will be Craft Your Own Corn Dolly – stay tuned for the workshop event pages!

About our Midsummer Ritual

During our Midsummer Ritual, we partnered with the goddess Kali & god Shiva of the Hindu pantheon. We also worked with Ganesh. Kali and Ganesh are both Guardians of our Temple, through the Temple of the Twelves Signs on the inner planes. This was the first time we worked with Kali during our public rituals.

Kali and Shiva are both powerful deities of change and transformation. They help us to recognize the role ego plays in our lives and to free us from fears, attachments and judgments. With the sun at its height at Litha, this is a great time to partner with the sun to illuminate that which is not serving us and to gently burn it away to make room for more bountiful summer growth. As the fire burns and as the light fades, so too will the fears, attachments and judgments that we choose to release.

Online Midsummer Ritual


You are welcome to perform your ritual at any time, and it will tie into the main working of our Temple’s Ritual. With the Summer Solstice falling on Tues., June 20, any day within a few days of that date will work.

What you will need:

  • Images or representations of Kali & Shiva *and* a candle for each (you may print images online if you do not already have representations; you may even use tea lights for their candles),
  • Petition paper, matches and a burning dish,
  • An offering for the Gods,
  • A mala (optional) *and*
  • Your journal or something to write on and a pen.

What to do:

Prepare your altar space with your images of Kali & Shiva, your candles and your petition supplies. Open your circle according to your tradition. You may wish to cast a circle or call the quarters.

Speak from the heart to call Kali into your space, or you may say:

source: kalibhakti.com/darshan/

Hail Kali!
Dark Mother Goddess of the Sacred Burning Grounds,
Divine Force of creation, preservation & destruction,
You who represent the Darkness from which everything is born,
Divine Goddess &Protector of the Universe,
Ever-caring & devoted mother,
You strike fear in the hearts of many,
With your black skin, gaunt and sunken eyes and garland of human heads,
But as those who follow you know,
You are the vehicle of creation and rebirth.
Dear Mother Kali, I revere and honor you and invite you into my circle!
Hail & Welcome!

Light Her candle.

Speak from the heart to call Shiva into your space, or you may say:

source: Maa Durga Wallpaper

Hail Shiva!
Lord of 108 Names, God of the Triumvirate with superhuman powers,
Divine Force of Destruction & Transformation,
Destroying the Universe, only to recreate it.
Creator of change for the welfare of the World,
Guru & Great Universal Teacher, bringing knowledge & wisdom!
You facilitate spiritual growth by destroying ego & illusions, helping me to see.
With your skin covered in ash, reminding me to look to the higher reality, rather than focusing on outward appearances.
You are the eternal reality, beyond measure of time.
Dear Lord Shiva, I revere and honor you and invite you into my circle!
Hail & Welcome!

Light His candle.

Meditation & the Working:

Now is the time of Litha, Midsummer and Summer Solstice. The light of the sun is at its peak. It is the perfect time for illumination and to gently burn away that which no longer serves. If you have a mala, you may wish to hold it during your meditation.

Think for a moment now… go deep into the core of your being… into the depth of your soul… be completely honest with yourself… stand completely naked before yourself… and ask yourself…

  • Are you already aware of where your ego is interfering and holding you back?
  • Do you know what attachments or illusions are impacting your life?
  • What would you like to gently burn away with the height of the Midsummer Sun?
  • Do you wish to ask Kali and Shiva to reveal these things to you? Are you truly ready to be free? Are you truly ready to receive a message which could be difficult or not what you want to hear? Are you ready to bare your soul to Kali and Shiva and ask for aide in transforming your life?
  • Or do you wish to instead ask the Summer Sun to gently illuminate that which you wish to work on in your life?

Write Your Petition

Take a few minutes to write your petition. You may petition Kali and/or Shiva, the Goddess & God, the Midsummer Sun or a power of your choosing. You may ask Kali and Shiva for aide with any interference, illusions & attachments of which you are aware and wish to release and let go. Or you may ask them to simply reveal them to you. Or you may do both.

You may wish to add at the end of this petition language to the effect of “may it be in the best way possible for me, this or something better.”

Remember when choosing to petition Kali, sometimes the truth can be difficult, and sometimes her answer may be much more challenging than you were expecting, albeit effective. Therefore, if you do wish to work with Kali, please take great care to only petition her to the level of transformation for which you are truly prepared. Do you want to know what is holding you back? Would you like her to clear the way? Or both?

Or, would you prefer instead to ask Great Spirit, the Goddess and God, in partnership with the Summer Sun, working with the power of this Summer Solstice, to gently illuminate that which you wish to work on in your life and help empower you?

Read & Burn Your Petition

You may wish to read your petition aloud, or read it aloud three times before carefully burning it.

When you are finished, you may wish to sit in meditation or contemplation and to journal.

Closing the Ritual:

At this time, you may choose to speak words of love and gratitude to Kali & Shiva and the Midsummer Sun. When you feel you are finished, thank the spirits for their presence in your space and wish them farewell. Then close your circle according to your own tradition. Take your offering and make it outside somewhere in nature if you have not already done so.

Be sure to journal your experience and to pay close attention to your dreams, synchronicities and omens that you may receive over the next few weeks in answer to your working of this rite.

Midsummer Blessings to you and yours from the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple!

Blessed be!

This ritual was written by Lindsey Piech, unless noted otherwise, and all rights are reserved. It may be used for your personal/private use only. If you wish to use this or a variation for a group in the future, please contact Shea Morgan for the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple at ravins52252@mypacks.net for permission; this ritual may not be published or used publicly elsewhere without prior written permission and attribution.

copyright 2017; all rights reserved

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