Inspiration & Magick

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I find that inspiration and magick go hand-in-hand. Where do you find your inspiration? Here’s where I found mine this morning… I booted up the computer to an inspirational video from the gig on the big project I’m working on.

It came from the initial research I did back in January and February. It is amazing to see how things start and where they end up, how it progresses. The same can be said for any project, gig or effort in life – and for magick.

It often starts with the mundane steps. Though “mundane” or “boring” is a story we tell ourselves. You can’t make successful magick without taking the steps in the physical world to manifest it or carry it out. For example, you can do all the magickal workings for a new job that you want, yet if you never lift a finger to look a job by sending out resumes, going on interviews, etc., the the magick will not manifest.

Temple High Priestess Shea Morgan at our Temple’s 2017 Beltane Ritual

In this case, I spent six months cultivating this new gig with a former boss so he would create this awesome position to hire me – all while also doing my magickal work. He hired me as a consultant in January, which is the best of both worlds! It means I have the time to build my business and to do my spiritual work! My hours are flexible. I can work from home or from the amazing office on the 17th floor in central St. Louis County.

Then followed more mundane work… I spent days in the archives (physically and online), and I found an amazing book and researched it as well. Sure there also was some magick involved in the mundane – finding the right things, the right information/photos, getting people to help me, having it all fall into place. All of that is also magick. It may not be shock and awe magick, but it is the daily, practical magick that is reflected in all of life.

Now this brilliant video has been created out of that research by a lot of smart, creative folks, and I am so excited about it! It’s one of those things where I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This whole process is a great reminder for life, magick and for all things. Like building my coaching and shamanic healing practice, building my business, being an entrepreneur, growing our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple and our Mystery School, or starting any dream – magick first starts from the foundational work, the basics, consistent practice, doing our work in the physical world and the dedication to showing up.

Temple High Priestess Shea Morgan with Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Yule / Winter Solstice Ritual altar, Dec. 17, 2016

By showing up, day after day, the magick happens. Do the Great Work, the work of your soul, and carry that forward into your magick, into your life and into the work you do in the physical world.

You can have the magick when you do the work to allow it to happen. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

In Love & Magick! Blessed be!

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