Online Midsummer Ritual 2015 – Puja for Lord Ganesha by Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple

This was our first online ritual for the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple. It was shared as a file on our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon group page at the time. We wanted to add it into our blog archives so that folks would be able to enjoy it in future years. Here it is, exactly as it was offered at the time…

Midsummer blessings to all! Tonight the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple has its in person Midsummer / Summer Solstice Ritual & Salon. All are welcome to attend! It is 6:30 p.m. at The Ethical Society, Sat., June 20. Just join the Midsummer event page as “going” and/or email For those who are not able to participate with us in person, Lindsey Piech has shared this Online Puja for Lord Ganesha, so that everyone may participate with us!

As part of our ritual and puja tonight, our Temple will make five offerings representing the elements on behalf of the entire Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple community, (local and beyond) and then each person attending (in person or distance) will make a *small* personal offering.

The sincerity of the offering is more important than the size and also because we need space for all of our offerings on the altar. Appropriate offerings include fruit, milk, anything made with coconut, holy water, cooked rice, nuts, flowers, spices, bananas, red chilies, curry, lentils, mustard seeds, guavas, mangoes, prepared foods made of grain, conch shells, pomegranate, sweets, ghee and anything sandalwood. You may also do your own research and choose something which calls to you. If you’re feeling creative, you could prepare something special for the feast and offer him a portion. Ganesha is easily pleased but no meat or alcohol, please.


You are welcome to honor Lord Ganesha at any time but if you would like to perform your puja around 8 p.m. Central time on Saturday, June 20, you will be working in tandem with our in-person ritual in St. Louis.

What you need:

  • A representation of Lord Ganesha—a photograph, drawing or statue (you may print an image from the Internet if you do not have something); if you have one, you may also add an image of an elephant or if you have an elephant figurine,
  • An offering to represent each of the elements—Earth, Fire, Air, Water & Spirit (For example, fruit, a candle, sandalwood incense, water and the sound of tingshas.), and
  • Red and Gold are great colors should you choose to have a cloth for your altar or sacred space.

What to do:

Prepare your altar space with your image of Lord Ganesha in the center and your offerings off to the side. Then prepare yourself and your space according to your preference. You may cast a circle and call the quarters if you would like, but it is not necessary.

Speak from your heart to call Lord Ganesha into your space. Then, one at a time, make your offerings. It is traditional to hold each offering in your right hand and slowly show it/offer it by making three clockwise circle gestures in the direction of Ganesha to show it to him while chanting “Ganapataye” three times (once for each circle).

Ganapataye is another name for Ganesha and the clockwise circle is symbolic of the cycle of life. Take your time as you make each offering to really connect in with him. Take a moment to really feel the space after you place each offering on your altar.

After you have finished making your offerings, you may speak words of love and gratitude to Ganesha and/or spend time in quiet time in meditation. Be aware of any impressions or messages you receive during this time.

When you feel you are finished, thank Ganesha for his presence in your space and wish him farewell. Then, close your space according to your preference.

You may leave the offerings on your altar for as long as you like. The food and water may later be offered outside and returned to the earth.
Blessed Summer Solstice! Blessings!

This ritual was written by Lindsey Piech and all rights are reserved. It may be used for your personal/private use only. If you wish to use this or a variation for a group in the future, please contact us at; this ritual may not be published elsewhere without attribution and also not without advance written permission from Lindsey Piech.

© copyright 2015 Lindsey Piech. All rights reserved.

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