Online Midsummer Ritual by Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple

The Meramec River in honor of Osun / Oshun

The Meramec River in honor of Osun / Oshun

The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple will have its in-person Midsummer / Summer Solstice Ritual & Salon tonight – Saturday night, June 18. All are welcome to attend! It is 6:30 p.m. at The Ethical Society. Just join the public Midsummer event page as “going” or email to sign up! For those who are not able to participate with us in-person, we are sharing this online Midsummer Ritual so that everyone may participate with us!

This online version was written by our Temple’s High Priestess Shea Morgan. While this online ritual is a greatly pared down version of our in-person ritual, it is powerful in its own right and will connect you with the greater working of our Temple on Saturday night.

About our Midsummer Ritual of Cleansing & Healing:

In our Midsummer ritual, we will partner with the Orisha Yemaya (Yemoja), the Orisha Oshun (Osun), the Lwa Erzulie (Erzuli, Ezili, Erzulie Freda) and the Lwa Papa Legba (the Orisha Eleggua, Elegbara, Esu) in a Ritual of Cleansing and Healing. Midsummer is commonly thought of as a festival of fire, yet it also has strong associations with water!

The Missouri River in honor of Yemoja / Yemaya

The Missouri River in honor of Yemoja / Yemaya

The Orisha and Lwa (Loa) for this ritual approached Shea Morgan in the Spring requesting this ritual in their honor. Yemaya and Erzulie are also Guardians of our Temple as part of the Temple of the Twelve Signs on the Inner Planes, supporting the work of our Temple on this physical plane.

In return for this ritual in their honor, the Orisha and Lwa are bringing their cleansing waters and healing powers, bringing their love and opening the way, opening the road for us with the power of their combined waters. In our Temple’s ritual, will make offerings of candle light, with candles decorated specifically for them, and also of herbs sacred to each, along with rum, tobacco and other offerings requested by each Orisha and Lwa. The altar will be decorated with items sacred to each as well.

Willow & Copper Water Token handcrafted by Alinore Rose

Willow & Copper Water Token handcrafted by Alinore Rose

Shea also received a vision from the Orisha and Lwa on a special token that everyone attending the in-person ritual will receive as a symbol of the Work during our ritual. It is a beautiful Willow Copper Water Circle, handcrafted from this vision by Alinore Rose on behalf of our Temple. Copper is associated with the element of Water and the planet Venus, and is a conductor of flow.  You may wish to print a copy of this image for your personal use during this working to place on your altar.

We also will work with the Spirit of Willow in this ritual. On the main altar will be a special Willow wand, gifted to Shea. The wand was a gift from a sacred Willow and its spirit and the spirits of the land, place and nature. It is part of a branch that came down in a thunderstorm after being hit by lightning in the middle of a hurricane.

Watch soon for a guest blog post by a Priestess of the Iya on this blogsite to learn more about Ifa, the Orisha and her personal experience!

The Mississippi River in honor of Oya

The Mississippi River in honor of Oya

In preparation for this Work, a Priestess in traditional Ifa in Africa has shared with us that the three main rivers in St. Louis are governed by the Three Mothers. Oya governs the Mississippi River, Yemaya (Yemoja) governs the Missouri River and Oshun (Osun) governs the Meramec River.

Temple Secretary Lindsey Piech and High Priestess Shea Morgan visited these rivers this week to commune with the Orisha and the rivers, to make an offering and to gather their waters for our ritual. The Missouri and Meramec Rivers were visited on Friday, the day of Venus. Venus is also associated with Water and with Copper. We will have waters from all three rivers on our altar, along with the waters and sand from the Atlantic Ocean.

Yemaya (Yemoja) is the Yoruban Orisha of the ocean. She is the Mother of All and all life begins with her. She is loving and carrying, source of life and love. She is powerful, protective and cleansing and aids in fertility and prosperity. She is the source of all the waters. She is the deity of the Ogun River and merged with the ocean, Olokun. She is part of the African Diaspora brought to the new world. In Haitian Vodou, she is associated with the Moon. She also has mermaid associations.

Oshun (Osun) is the Yoruban Orisha of freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. She is the Great Mother. The Oshun River is in Nigeria. She is mistress of all things feminine and helps us with prosperity, pleasure, emotions, dance, art and expression.

Papa Legba is the beloved Lwa of the gates, gatekeeper, guardian of the crossroads in Haitian Vodou. He is the Orisha Elegba from the Yoruban culture. He is Eleggua. He is the opener of the ways, opener of the roads. Elegba or Papa Legba is honored first in ceremony and opens the way, opens the gate for communication with the practitioners and the Spirits. He is a crossroads guardian and serves as an intermediary. He often appears as an old man at the crossroads, smoking and sometimes with a cane.

Erzulie (Erzuli, Ezili) is the Lwa of love, sexuality, passion, pleasure and prosperity. In our ritual, we will work specifically with her in her aspect of love as Erzulie-Freda. There are many aspects to the Erzulie family of Lwas including Gran (Granne) Erzulie and the Great Mother and representations of every stage of the journey of love through life. She is sometimes shown as a water snake. One of her three husbands is Agwe, god of the sea.

The powers of the Waters will be with us! Come dance with the waters and share in a celebration of Midsummer joy! Blessed be!

Online Midsummer Ritual:


You are welcome to perform your ritual at any time, but if you start your working around 8 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) on Sat., June 18, you will be working in tandem with our in-person ritual in St. Louis.

What you will need:

  • Images or representations of Papa Legba, Yemaya / Yemoja, Oshun / Osun and Erzulie / Erzulie Freda *and* a candle for each (you may print images online if you do not already have representations; you may even use tea lights for their candles), *and*
  • An image of Willow, perhaps the token image in this post,” *and*
  • A glass or chalice of water *and*
  • Your journal or something to write on and a pen.

What to do:

Prepare your altar space with your images of the Lwa, Orisha and the Spirit of Willow and your candles, and then prepare yourself and your space according to your preference. You may cast a circle and call the quarters if you would like, but it is not necessary.

Speak from the heart to call Elegba / Papa Legba into your space, or you may say:

We call to Papa Legba (Pa Pa Leg-ba)!

Open the Gates, Open the Road, Open the Way!

We feel the pulse of ashé, the divine life force, running through us,

We honor you on this night, and we call to you to Open the Way

To open the roads for us on this night and every day!

We ask you to attend our circle with your gifts tonight.

On this magickal and mystical Midsummer’s night.

Hail and welcome!

Light His candle.

Speak from the heart to call Yemaya / Yemoja into your space, or you may say:

We call to Yemoja (Yeh Moe Jah)!
Great mother of all, fertility and love
Prosperous abundance, oh Mother of Fishes,
We call to you now for healing and our wishes
Of all divine love and light, we seek that here within us this night,
We ask you to attend our circle with your gifts tonight.
On this magickal and mystical Midsummer’s night.
Hail and Welcome!

Light Her candle.

Speak from the heart to call Oshun / Osun into your space, or you may say:

We call to Oshun (Ah Shun)!

Power of waters running deep,

cleansing our soul of all we weep,

Of life and feminine beauty you feed,

With your rivers of life that fill every need,

We ask you to attend our circle with your gifts tonight.

On this magickal and mystical Midsummer’s night.

Hail and welcome!

Light Her candle.

 Speak from the heart to call Erzulie into your space, or you may say:

We call to Erzulie (Er Zu Lee)!

Lwa (Loa) of Love and passion true,

bringing beauty and prosperity to all we do!

Playful dance of fanciful youth,

And long-time lovers of lifetimes search

Are found now in your joy-filled presence

All we need to do is find and see the essence

Within our soul that matches that without

And surely then there will be no doubt

We ask you to attend our circle with your gifts tonight.

On this magickal and mystical Midsummer’s night.

Hail and welcome!

Light Her candle.

Invite the Spirit of Willow:

Hail to the Spirit of the Willow,

Tree of Water, Tree of the Between

Branches swaying and dancing in the winds

Bringing us cleansing and healing within

We ask you to attend our circle with your gifts tonight.

On this magickal and mystical Midsummer’s night.

Hail and welcome!

Light the Willow candle

You may wish to meditate with Papa Legba / Elegba, Yemaya / Yemoja, Osun / Oshun, Erzulie and Willow. What are your passions? What brings you joy? What do you seek to cleanse from your life and from within? What do you seek to heal in your life, your health and within your soul?

Tonight as you celebrate fertility, love and prosperous abundance, the Orisha and the Lwa celebrate with you. The divine marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine is at hand under the approaching Summer Solstice and Full Moon. It is a time of ripeness. A time of joy and passion. It is a time of love. It is a time of cleansing and healing of the waters.

Think of the healing that you wish to bring into your life. Focus your Intent. Place both of your hands over your cup or chalice of water. Focus on bringing that divine cleansing and healing energy down through your crown (top of your head), running down through your arms, through your hands, and into the cup of water. Charging the water with your Intent.

When you feel this is complete and when you feel ready, pick the cup or chalice up with both hands. Slowly drink it in. Feel the water and energy flow through your body, gently cleansing and healing you. Leave a little water left in your cup or chalice, and after your ritual, go outside and pour it on the ground in offering, gratitude, love and honor to the Orisha and Lwa for their aide and presence tonight.

At this time you may choose to speak words of love and gratitude to Elegba / Papa Legba, Yemaya / Yemoja, Oshun / Osun, Erzulie / Erzulie Freda and the Spirit of Willow. When you feel you are finished, thank the spirits for their presence in your space and wish them farewell. Then close your circle according to your own tradition.

Be sure to journal your experience and to pay close attention to your dreams, synchronicities and omens that you may receive over the next few weeks in answer to your working of this rite.

May blessings come to you and yours this joyous Summer Solstice! Blessed Midsummer!

Thank you for joining our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple’s Midsummer Ritual! We happily encourage you to post photos of your working to share the love of Midsummer on our Facebook pages – Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple (and “like” and “follow” us there!), Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon (all are welcome to join!; posts on this page are private, and you also have access to our private Midsummer event page from this page); and the public Midsummer Ritual & Salon event page!

This ritual was written by Shea Morgan and all rights are reserved. It may be used for your personal use only. If you wish to use this or a variation for a group in the future, please contact Shea Morgan for the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple at; this ritual may not be published or used publicly elsewhere without prior written permission and attribution.


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