Online Imbolc Ritual by Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple

The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple will have its in-person Imbolc Ritual & Salon on Saturday night, January 30. All are welcome to attend! It is 6:30 p.m. at The Ethical Society. Just join the Imbolc event page as “going” or email to sign up! For those who are not able to participate with us in person, we are sharing this Imbolc Ritual so that everyone may participate with us!

Baba Yaga ... Art by: Katemaxpaint-d6kvfni

Baba Yaga … Art by: Katemaxpaint-d6kvfni

This online version was compiled by our Temple’s Secretary Lindsey Piech using the writings of and the in-person ritual written by Shea Morgan. Lindsey is also Teaching Assistant in our Spirit’s Edge Mystery School and is herself a Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick III student in the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School. While this online ritual is a greatly pared down version of our in-person ritual, it is powerful in its own right and will connect you with the greater working of our Temple on Saturday night.

Imbolc, Baba Yaga and Dazbog and Preparation:

It is Imbolc and we are under a waning moon. Both are a great time for gently releasing what no longer serves us. We can also partner with the energies of this time to year as we continue to work within, preparing for the spring to come as the light slowly grows.

Preparing ourselves for the planting to come. Release what no longer serves you. By doing this, you make room in your life for the blessings that you seek and that are to come. By releasing what no longer serves you, you walk your right path, your soul’s path, the path you were born to walk.

  • What path do you seek?
  • What is holding you back from running down that path?
  • What shackles are holding onto to you?
Dazbog, Slavic God; Attist Unknown

Dazbog, Slavic God; Artist Unknown

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read Shea’s previous two blog posts, A Glimpse of Baba Yaga and A Glimpse of Dazbog, Slavic God, or to research them on your own, in preparation for this rite. You may also wish to research the correspondences and properties of Birch. It is time to shake off the shackles. It is time to release them with love. Release what no longer serves you. Live. Learn. Love. And let go.

Online Imbolc Ritual:


You are welcome to perform your ritual at any time, but if you start your working around 8 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) on Saturday, January 30, you will be working in tandem with our in-person ritual in St. Louis.

What you will need:

  • Images or representations of Baba Yaga and Dazbog *and* a candle for each (you may print images online if you do not already have representations; you may even use tea lights for their candles), *and*
  • A small piece of paper, pen and burning dish, *and*
  • A small container to store the cooled ash, *and*
  • A representation of Birch and a tea light (you may charge it with the energy of Birch if you wish) *and*
  • An offering of nuts, fruit, seed or hair which you can place outside as an offering to the Spirit of Birch.

What to do:

Prepare your altar space with your images of Baba Yaga, Dazbog and Birch and your candles, and then prepare yourself and your space according to your preference. You may cast a circle and call the quarters if you would like, but it is not necessary.

Speak from the heart to call the Spirit of Birch into your space, or you may say:

Hail to the Spirit of the Birch, Tree of the Between
Helping us to see both the seen and unseen
White bark peeling, showing us the darkness within
We light our candles and hearth fire, listening through the din
Allowing light to shine forth, as within, so without
Aiding us to clear the way for Spirit, gently releasing our doubt
Help us to let go old ideas, limiting beliefs and harmful thoughts
Provide us with a new beginning and fresh start these coming months
Gently cleanse us with your branches, removing us from harm
Help us to find our courage, as we weave this charm
We call to you now to guide us as we walk this path anew.
Making our way to all we know is true.

Hail and Welcome!

Light the candle representative of Birch.

Speak from the heart to call Baba Yaga into your space, or you may say:

Hail Baba Yaga! Bone Mother! Master of Skulls! Guardian of the Waters of Life and Death!
Ancient Goddess of Old Bones! White Lady of Death and Rebirth!
White, Red and Black Horseman harken to your call and with your teeth and hands, you will gnaw, to what we do cling and need to let go, you surely do let us know.
At your hearth, where the bones do boil, your gate and fence are enough to toil,
Through which we seek to pass if we must, to see you change from crone to beautiful goddess in trust.
A warm embrace from you means more than from most, as to get there, we must face our shadow first,
When we do, you are there to help us burst through all that holds us back, with the light you do attack,
Embracing us with the light of a Mother’s love,
Fill us now with the divine above.

Hail and Welcome!

Light Her candle.

Speak from the heart to call Dazbog into your space, or you may say:

Hail Dazbog! God of the Sun! God of the Rain! Bringer of light and keeper of day!
Protector of our flame and hearth, blacksmith and crafter of this earth,
Your grandchildren call to you, to join us this night, riding your diamond chariot glistening with light,
Wrap us in your Bear cloak, all warm and snug, as you bring the light from far above,
Footprints on the snow, covering ground, you change snow to rain, nourishing all
You offer your helping hand so we cannot fall,
Of springtime to come and harvests so grand,
You bring forth the reemergence from the land,
Of gifts and kin and ancestors too, new born then old man and new man too,
We call on your power to light our dreams, to help us grow from what we’ve been,
Fertilizer of ash and soil enriched, to create our lives as we wish.
Hail and Welcome!

Light His candle.

As you sit in communion with them on this blessed night, quietly reflect and journal…
Spend some time in quiet reflection on what this time of year means to you. What path do you seek? What stands in your way? What do wish to release? What shackles are you allowing to hold on to you? What do you wish to burn away with the growing light of Imbolc?

When you feel you are ready, write down what no longer serves you on your small piece of paper, fold it as feels right to you. Hold the intention that the obstacles are gone, the shackles have been removed and that which no longer serves you has been released. Your way is free and clear. When you are ready, place your folded paper in the burning dish and light it. As it burns, continue to focus strongly and clearly on your intention. After the ash has cooled and your ritual is complete, you may store it until Ostara, when you may plant it in the ground with a seed. The seed is symbolic of that which you wish to grow.

Then, focus on the light of the candle representing the Spirit of Birch. Look within to see the truth of your dreams. What is it that you want? What have you left unseen? Envision that which you want to grow with the light in the coming months. What actions will you take to prepare the ground to support your work? Strongly hold your intention until you feel the work is done. Make your offering to the Spirit of Birch.

You may also wish to speak from the heart to Baba Yaga and Dazbog, petitioning them to support you in your work.

You may wish to allow the candles to burn completely away and extinguish themselves.

You may leave your offering on your altar until the candles are extinguished and then place it outside.

At this time you may choose to speak words of love and gratitude to Baba Yaga and Dazbog. When you feel you are finished, thank Baba Yaga, Dazbog and the Spirit of Birch for their presence in your space and wish them farewell. Then close your circle according to your own tradition.

Be sure to journal your experience and to pay close attention to your dreams, synchronicities and omens that you may receive over the next few weeks in answer to your working of this rite.

May blessings come to you and yours with the growing of the light! Blessed Imbolc!

Thank you for joining our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple’s Imbolc Ritual! We happily encourage you to post photos of your working to share the love of Imbolc on our Facebook pages – Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple (and “like” and “follow” us there!), Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon (all are welcome to join!; posts on this page are private, and you also have access to our private Imbolc event page); and the public Imbolc Ritual & Salon event page!

This ritual was written by Shea Morgan & Lindsey Piech and all rights are reserved. It may be used for your personal use only. If you wish to use this or a variation for a group in the future, please contact Shea Morgan for Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple at; this ritual may not be published or used publicly elsewhere without prior written permission and attribution.

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