A Glimpse of Dazbog, Slavic God

Dazbog, Slavic God

Dazbog, Slavic God

One of the deities we will be working with during our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Imbolc Ritual & Salon on Jan. 30, 2016, is Dazbog. He is one of the 12 Gods supporting our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition and Temple, and is one I have only been working with a few years tied into our Temple. There are also 12 Goddesses and 12 members of the Hidden Company.

Please also see my last blog post about Baba Yaga, who we also will be working with in our ritual. We will have an in-person ritual and also a shorter online ritual for Imbolc.

Dazbog is a Slavic God. His father was Svarog who was the God of Blacksmiths. Hephaestus, the Greek God of Blacksmiths corresponds to Dazbog’s father Svarog. It was interesting to me on the tie-in with blackmiths, as commonly during Imbolc many work with Brighid (Celtic Goddess), who is also a Goddess of the Forge or of Blacksmiths.

Dazbog is a God of the Sun, Flame and Rain. It is also an interesting tie in with the idea of Fire and Ice associated with Imbolc, though in his case Fire and Rain. Helios, the Greek god, was translated into Dazbog in Slavic.

One of the other things that strikes me about Dazbog is that he is a protector of the fireplace, the hearth and its fire, which is critical for surviving in Winter and also for productivity throughout the year – cooking, sustenance, blacksmithing and more.

Yet, fire is a two-edged sword – it creates and it also destroys. It can feed you and sustain you and your life, and yet, it could destroy ones’ property or life, resulting in a journey to the Underworld. Work may be done with Dazbog for the benevolence, grace and blessings of the fire and flames, and I would say both literally and figuratively.

In my communion with Dazbog, he feels warm, strong protective, with a fiery spirit, yet a glint of humor in the eye. In feel, he reminds me a little of Daghda (Celtic God) with the strength and particularly the humor, though definitely fierier in spirit and a little less on the direct humor, more of a glint and more subtle and biting.

To sign up for our Spirit’s Edge Imbolc Ritual & Salon, please join the Imbolc Ritual public event page as “going” or email ravins52252@mypacks.net. … Also, please feel free to use the “invite” feature to invite friends to this page and share it on your own Facebook page and invite your friends and family – all are welcome!

And all are welcome to join our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon group page as well at where folks can then access our Imbolc Ritual main group event page .

Blessed Imbolc!

Note: I could not find the artist in a google search of this image, if you know who created it, please let us know. Thank you!


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