A Glimpse of Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga ... Art by: Katemaxpaint-d6kvfni

Baba Yaga … Art by: Katemaxpaint-d6kvfni

One of the deities we will be working with during our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Imbolc Ritual & Salon is Baba Yaga. She is one of the 12 Goddesses supporting our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition and Temple. She is also one that I personally have worked with for quite a while. There are also 12 Gods and 12 members of the Hidden Company. We will have an in-person ritual and then also a shorter version as an online ritual. See links further below for more information.

According to some myths, she was originally from Eastern Europe and lived in the corn sheaths (foreshadowing to our 2016 Lammas ritual!), but later appeared in Russian myths where she became more of the fearsome goddess that she is portrayed as now. She lives in the forest of Birch, in her house with legs of chicken bones.

Meeting her in journey, she is a strong-willed, wise, direct, demanding and knowing Goddess, yet also warm, vital and motherly in my personal experience. She has much to share with us. Like most of us, she has many sides and many gifts to share. Here is a poem that I think you may enjoy, and which expresses another side of her that you do not read of as often…

Baba Yaga
Wild Woman
I walk in the forest
and speak intimately with the animals
I dance barefoot in the rain
without any clothes
I travel on pathways
that I make myself
and in ways that suit me
my instincts are alive and razor sharp
my intuition and sense of smell are keen
I freely express my vitality
my sheer exuberant joyfulness
to please myself
because it is natural
it is what needs to be
I am the wild joyous life force
Come and meet me
By Amy Sophia Marashinsky

To sign up for our Spirit’s Edge Imbolc Ritual & Salon, please join the Imbolc Ritual public event page as “going” or email ravins52252@mypacks.net. … Also, please feel free to use the “invite” feature to invite friends to this page and share it on your own Facebook page and invite your friends and family – all are welcome!

And all are welcome to join our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon group page as well at where folks can then access our Imbolc Ritual main group event page .

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