Online Winter Solstice / Yule Ritual by Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple

The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple will have its in-person Winter Solstice / Yule Salon & Ritual on Saturday night, December 19. All are welcome to attend! It is 6:30 p.m. at The Ethical Society. Just join the Winter Solstice/Yule event page as “going” and/or email to sign up!

For those who are not able to participate with us in person, we are sharing this Winter Solstice / Yule Ritual so that everyone may participate with us! It was written by our Temple’s Secretary Lindsey Piech. Lindsey is also Teaching Assistant in our Spirit’s Edge Mystery School and a is herself a Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick III student in the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School. While this online ritual is a greatly pared down version of our in-person ritual, it is powerful in its own right and will connect you with the greater working of our Temple on Saturday night.

Winter Solstice / Yule, Rhiannon and Cernunnos and Preparation:

We celebrate the Winter Solstice / Yule, honoring the return of the Sun and birth of the Child of Light at this special and magickal time of the year. For thousands of years, people have given gifts to each other and gifts to the Gods in celebration and in gratitude, also making special promises or commitments at the time of the Winter Solstice. We call these special promises “resolutions,” which of course also has a tie in to the calendar New Year.

You will have the opportunity in this ritual to make a personal offering to yourself and the Gods, for the good of all, to honor the birth of the Sun Child and in gratitude for the blessings you will receive with the growing sun. Here are some ideas and questions that you might consider as you decide on your own personal offering…

  • Will you spend more time with your spouse or family?
  • Will you spend more time with your children?
  • Will you volunteer, make a donation to a worthy cause or share your personal talents with others?
  • Will you spend more time on self-care? (Acts of self-care are in turn gifts to those you love and those around you because as you love yourself, you are able to share more love with others.)

Please take a moment to think about the gift you will give or the commitment you will make to the Gods and yourself in exchange for the blessings you will receive in the coming months.

Then please take a moment to consider a wish you have or a blessing you would like to manifest and grow, as the light of the sun grows in the coming months.

During this ritual you will be working with Rhiannon and Cernunnos. Both are associated with abundance, fertility, prosperity, animals and magick. They are both known as bestowers of blessings. Rhiannon is the Goddess of Inspiration and is known to grant wishes to those who ask and who are clear in their desires. Cernunnos is the God of Cycles, such as the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. He is a God of Growth and Prosperity. You might wish to do some research online to get to know them better before calling upon them in this rite.

Online Winter Solstice / Yule Ritual:


You are welcome to perform your ritual at any time, but if you start your working around 8 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) on Saturday, December 19, you will be working in tandem with our in-person ritual in St. Louis.

What you will need:

  • Images or representations of Rhiannon and Cernunnos *and* a candle for each (you may print images online if you do not already have representations; you may even use tea lights for their candles), *and*
  • A candle to represent the Child of Light, gold or white would be appropriate (you may even use a white tea light candle).

What to do:

Prepare your altar space with your images of Rhiannon and Cernunnos and your candles, and then prepare yourself and your space according to your preference. You may cast a circle and call the quarters if you would like, but it is not necessary.

Speak from the heart to call Rhiannon into your space, or you may say:

Hail Rhiannon! Divine Queen of the Faeries and Goddess of the Otherworld!
Goddess of the Moon and Queen of Inspiration,
Intriguing Goddess of Love and Happiness,
Slowing for no one who doesn’t possess the courage to call your name!
Manifesting dreams and desires for yourself and for the good of all.
With love and gratitude, I invite you into my circle,
And implore you to shower me with many blessings as the light returns,
I honor you, and welcome you into my circle tonight!
Hail and Welcome!

Light her candle.

Speak from the heart to call Cernunnos into your space, or you may say:

Hail Cernunnos! Horned God and Lord of the Underworld!
Lord of the Beasts, Guardian Spirit of the Forest and God of the Wild Hunt,
Ruler of cosmic balance and embodiment of all life’s potential,
Loving and compassionate, yet primal and strong.
With your torcs and coins, you bring abundance and prosperity to all who ask,
With love and gratitude, I invite you into my circle,
And implore you to shower me with many blessings as the light returns,
I honor you, and welcome you into my circle tonight!
Hail and Welcome!

Light his candle.

As you sit in communion with them on this blessed night, quietly reflect and journal

Spend some time in quiet reflection on what this time of year means to you. What are you most grateful for? What gifts have you to offer others in exchange for the new blessings which are already on their way with the coming light? What do you wish to manifest in the weeks ahead, growing as the light of the sun increases?

When you feel you are ready, light the candle you have prepared for the Child of Light to welcome him back into the world. You may also wish to speak from the heart to Rhiannon and Cernunnos, petitioning them to support you in your work and to help you manifest what you desire.

You may wish to allow the candles to burn completely away and extinguish themselves.

You may speak words of love and gratitude to Rhiannon and Cernunnos and the Child of Light. When you feel you are finished, thank Rhiannon, Cernunnos and the Child of Light for their presence in your space and wish them farewell. Then close your circle according to your own tradition.

Be sure to journal your experience and to pay close attention to your dreams, synchronicities and omens that you may receive over the next few weeks in answer to your working of this rite.

May blessings come to you and yours with the return of the light! Blessed Winter Solstice! Merry Yule!

Thank you for joining our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple’s Winter Solstice / Yule Ritual! We happily encourage you to post photos of your working to share the love of the Winter Solstice / Yule on our Facebook pages – Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple (and “like” and “follow” us there!), Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon (all are welcome to join!; posts on this page are private); and Winter Solstice / Yule Ritual & Salon event page!

This ritual was written by Lindsey Piech and all rights are reserved. It may be used for your personal use only. If you wish to use this or a variation for a group in the future, please contact Shea Morgan for Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple at; this ritual may not be published or used publicly elsewhere without prior written permission and attribution.

© copyright 2015 Lindsey Piech. All rights reserved.

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