An Initiation into Merlin Consciousness, A Tale of A Pilgrimage

Me on the beach at Port Merion near to the cave that to me was reminiscent of Merlin's Cave.

Me on the beach at Port Merion near to the cave that to me was reminiscent of Merlin’s Cave.

Consciousness. It is a word, but it is more than a word. It is a symbol for something that is beyond words. Consciousness is awareness. It is being fully present, aware of your connection with all things, and feeling it to the depth of your soul. It is a merging with and a love for the totality of life and of all existence.

We seek consciousness within to awaken and walk through this world with our eyes open. Looking at the definition of the word “consciousness,” the black letter meaning of the word is defined as “the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.”

As don Jose Ruiz recently shared on our spiritual journey on the Teotihuacan: A New Dream Retreat, New Year’s 2015, “once you are awake, you can never go back to sleep.” This is so true. I recorded a video about that experience, which you can view HERE. I mention this because at the time of this pilgrimage to Wales, I was already awake.

Yet you can always go deeper with that awareness, uncover more of the mysteries and connect deeper within yourself, with your soul. In this case, our journey was into the depths to experience an awakening to the Merlin consciousness.

Some equate Merlin consciousness to the Christ consciousness. It is in different terms reaching the point of mastery. It is having love of oneself, love of all others, love of our brothers and sisters and love of humanity. It is Tipereth on the Tree of Life, where the masters dwell, the light of the Sun.

Now it is time to pick back up the tale from my journey on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage, where I communed with Merlin, stoking the fire and the flame of my true will through workings with the Wand and the Staff. When we last spoke, I had gone on a journey with Merlin into the Wild Forest. You can read more about that journey HERE.

Join me now as we turn the page and look at what is next from when I took part in the Temple of Witchcraft pilgrimage to Wales in August 2013…

The Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage, Day 2, Sunday, August 18, 2013, continued…

After the journey to Merlin of the Wild Forest, we performed a ritual for an initiation into Merlin consciousness. As we began, Bat was outside. Bat to me is always a symbol of major life changes and of initiation, as it appears to me so often at those times.

Venus de Laussel

Venus de Laussel

For our journey during this ritual, we used the Venus of Laussel posture. This was a posture with which I was not familiar before this journey, and it was a powerful experience for me.

For me this was to be a journey with at least five shapeshifting experiences and with elements of shamanic dying experiences. Powerful.

The circle was cast first, and then we each individually also cast the circle from our spot after drawing down energy into our Wands.

Next we called the directions, working with symbols that spoke to the group of Merlin and our journey in Wales, calling on the Prey first, and then the Predator, for each direction. We called:

North/Earth –Grain/Seed and Black Hen
East/Fire – Hare / Greyhound
South/Air – Wren / Hawk
West/Water – Salmon /Otter.

hawk extra

My allyHawk in my backyard, Aug. 6, 2013, just prior to the pilgrimage to Wales.

I had the pleasure of calling my ally, Hawk, for this rite. Sow and Apple were also called as a part of our working. Appropriate.

We chanted and drew down energy into our Wand, and placed it in our Chalice mixture. The chant was amazing and powerful. We drank our chalice mixture.

Then we dropped into our individual journeys…

I fell far down into a white, snowy, frozen landscape.

I shapeshifted three times. I was a baby. Then I was a toddler or child. Then I was a young girl walking through the frozen forest. I was a young girl sitting by the frozen lake, uncertain and perhaps crying.

I went through a waterfall and down an ice slide, down underneath a frozen lake. Owl was there, my beloved ally, as was Wolf, and there were other animals with me as well.


Between. At the shore of Bala Lake

Between. At the shore of Bala Lake

I was trapped under the frozen lake, and it was like a mirror. At one point I was above and below it at the same time. To get out from under the frozen lake, I had to be still. When I was still, I could blend with and pass through the frozen lake.

Embracing the stillness. A passage.

When I took off out of the lake, I became a White Deer. The divine feminine. It also reminds me of the White Stag that I saw in the last journey, which had been the first time I had seen White Stag.

I shapeshifted into and became White Deer. And I was being chased. I was shot in the heart by an arrow.

And then I shape shifted into a White Stag. The divine masculine.

As White Stag, I was shot with an arrow or spear for the second time, and this time it was through my left side. As I lay on the ground, I touched my hand to my side. It was my human left hand, and it came up bloody.

I arose in my human form. The Lady in White was there. She became Rhiannon. She gifted me with and placed around me her white fur cloak. Purity. Love. Embrace.

She also gifted me with a White Horse.

I took off on that horse. We went together into a wall of the ocean, through it, through the ocean water. We emerged from the ocean and came out on the other side. Emersion. Another initiatory passage.

When I came out on the other side, I was riding the horse still, but I was now wearing a cloak of black feathers. A powerful symbol. So many messages.

We rode out of the ocean, and I was sitting on my horse, standing with two or three others on their horses. We were on the top of a hill, overlooking the valley below. I had the feeling of a past life. One of the men was the King, and I was his advisor. I rode up to tell him some things, and he spoke to me. There was a battle that we were viewing below us.

I took my leave and rode down and away and through a forest to a clearing. Cerridwen was there and met me. She anointed my third eye and then the call came to return from the journey.

Merlin Altar with Rosehip wine, loved it!

Merlin Altar for our journey on the Wales pilgrimage with Rosehip wine, loved it!

When we emerged from our individual journeys, we closed the ritual in reverse and went back into the teaching room.

We celebrated our evening by drinking Rosehip and Nettle wine. I loved the Rosehip wine! We had brandy with gingerale as well, quite festive. It was an amazing and beautiful evening of companionship and conversation.

One journey. One night. From one pilgrimage. It continues.

So that is the story for now. Until we turn the page to see what comes next …

Blessed Be,


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