Unconditional Love as a Lobbyist

And…it has begun. The roll call for the first bell of the state legislative session has been completed. Five months of wild and wooliness. Kind of funny thing this morning and a snapshot of my daily world during legislative session for the curious. People always wonder how I do this. How can you be a lobbyist?

Lobbyists communicate, and communication is important. As in any industry, it’s about how you approach it and how you do your job. How you live your life. How you treat others, and how you treat yourself. So for me, though I don’t shout my spiritual path from the rooftops when I’m in the Capitol Building, I bring it with me.

It is just simply…me. I don’t need words or statements to others to be who I am. I am me.

I think this path really helps with that. If you follow a path of unconditional love, you can’t get caught up in the dramas of the building, the fights, the arguments. Why? Because it just doesn’t matter! Everyone is doing the best they can in their own dreams. Technically I’m not a lobbyist anymore, as I can’t ask folks for a “yes” or a “no,” but the idea is still the same.

So back to this morning… I had a long phone call with a lobbyist for an interest group, one of many, that I’m negotiating with on language on this highly sensitive bill as it ties into end of life issues. And it’s gotten super convoluted the last two weeks, as these things do, with differing and shifting positions of about six parties/ interest groups – part of the nature of it and people involved. I don’t talk about my personal positions, but I would likely have a different position than he would if going on my personal beliefs, yet I really respect him and love working with him.

You can really love the people in this work even if you’re not really into the game of it all. Going for true win-wins. I wasn’t always that way, though I generally always liked the win-wins of course. I used to love the game. The thrill of the chase. The rush. The bell rings and off you go, chasing down this thing or that. Not so much anymore. I just watch it, almost feeling as if I could be sitting above the Capitol building, watching all the pieces and people running about, to and fro.

Long ago I learned to detach from these efforts, and sometimes I work with people that I don’t personally agree with, but I respect their position and their reasons for it. I learn when to share and when not to share, and through it I maintain who I am regardless. I also never work on something that I can’t believe in at least on some level.

I even have had amazing spiritual conversations with legislators and lobbyists who one would think would be on the opposite end of the spectrum from my religious beliefs, but I find common ground, and I don’t throw words to describe or label my spiritual beliefs in their face for shock value. They are just symbols, labels. What would be the point? It’s all about the love, right?

So many in this whole lobbyist/legislative business take it all personally, thus the “wild and wooly” thing. and when you combine it with a practiced will, it can be even more wild and wooly. Some people have a strong will, but they don’t know it. That includes many in the legislative field, at least I think so. Magickal practitioners of course know about their will, how to use it and the whys and why nots. Or at least you hope that we understand the why nots as well. Here is a great example of taking the legislative process personally, and what can result…

I knew a magickal practitioner who was a lobbyist as well. Two years or so ago, they set out to do this big Mars/Geburah spell/working to make the legislature pass the bill they wanted. They told me all about it and what they were going to do. They explained about the injustice, as they saw it, and how they were going to call for justice and they were going to get this bill passed. Anger combined with determination. It was palpable. It was personal for them. They were attached to and caught up in their own dream.

I listened, and then I offered up my recommendation that they may want to have a cool down period and revisit that decision, which in the end they substantially did. I think they ended up with just a honey pot spell. It is a great example of taking something personally, and in this case, wanting to force your will onto almost 200 other people and subjugating their will with yours. In the end, they almost lost their entire effort and almost had the opposite happen of what they wanted. It was very touch and go for quite a while after that.

I think that goes back to the idea of be careful how you use your words and what you send out into the world. Be impeccable with your words. I would add – be impeccable with your thoughts. Also the idea of boundaries comes into play. What are healthy boundaries? I like to think of this simple illustration – where my dance space begins, yours ends, and vice versa. Respecting others’ decisions and respecting our own. Using our will on ourselves and our life, but not projecting our will onto someone else or subjugating the will of others’.

Yeah, people get really emotional and worked up on this stuff!

So back to my story from this morning. When I was talking with him, we talked about my retreat last week to Teotihuacan with the Ruiz family. Even though he would be considered a religious conservative, I had told him I was going. He is one of those people who lives it to give it. I jokingly told him that it was quite a shock to come back from sitting on a pyramid feeling the love and then to walking back into this, lol.

But the funny thing was that, as we talked about strategy and how this session was going to play out and just the idea that it has begun, he was using words I was using…words like it doesn’t matter. We talked about how people get locked into their positions and caught up in it and he talked about those who get angry and worked up.

This was all in general of course, not about anyone or anything, but just looking at essentially the domestication of the state legislative process and almost how it’s this live organism – it’s its own dream. And how people get caught up in it and are domesticated by that dream. We also talked about how this type of an issue is an emotional one for many folks. He and I agreed that we were going to stay stepped-back, and anytime that the frenzy ratchets up around us, that we’ll come back to each other to figure it out in the big picture, stepping away from the language minutiae and microscopes and going back to “what is our purpose?” in all of this.

That’s how we roll. Hard to explain in words, but it was good, and it was fascinating. How do you roll? What is your purpose? Does it really matter? Who cares? What is your will – your true Will and purpose? What is your ego? What does the real “you” say? Are you listening?

O.k., so back to listening to the introductory speeches… “Wisdom does not begin or end in this House…We should do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do…What better time to think of your last day than on this first day.” This was a quote by the new speaker of the house, literally just now. Pretty cool. You can find those gems, if you listen.

What do you want to be on your last day? Will you meet it with love? Will you meet it with respect? Any day could be that last day. How do you choose to meet your death? Are you listening? Which voice are you listening to?

Blessed be,



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