A Winter Solstice Dawn of Blessings


Me at our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Yule / Winter Solstice Salon & Ritual, Dec. 20, 2014 – a magickal time had by all! Blessed be!

I woke up with the most beautiful thoughts and writings coming through, which I would love to share with you. It is interesting because somehow on each Winter Solstice morning, the most beautiful and powerful epiphanies come through for me. You can read about my “ah ha” moments last year in A Winter Solstice Morn A Year Later – Shackles Off.

This idea of reassessment, looking back and within, and laying the foundation for the year to come, really ties into the message of our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple’s Yule ritual last night.

I love what Amanah Alroahany wrote for our community discussion, which we call “A Seeker’s Salon,” which is also the name of our Temple’s spiritual community. She wrote:

Yule is a time of change. We move from a time of darkness that allows us to dream to a time of light that allows us to consider how to implement those dreams. To prepare for the Salon & Ritual, you were asked to spend some time thinking about what you have dreamed during the season of night. How will you manifest those dreams during the season of light? Is your dream something that you can turn into an achievable goal? What steps will you take to get there? What skills & abilities will you need?

This morning I had tears of joy, beauty and love in my eyes as I begin to write – gratitude for our incredible evening last night at our Temple’s Winter Solstice ritual. The community, kindness and generosity as shown again last night is quite simply beyond my human mind’s capacity for words. Such an amazing turnout of beautiful souls! And so many new folks joining us!

It was a gorgeous, joyful and magickal ritual for Amanah’s first lead ritual. Inspired. The spirits abounded, and the Gods made their presence felt in our circle. There was laughter and merriment. Children were laughing and singing and dancing, smiles were all around.

Me and Mom, MIdsummer 2013 after I led our Spirit's Edge ritual.

Me and Mom, MIdsummer 2013 after I led our Spirit’s Edge ritual.

My Mom sitting next to me in circle. The last time my Mom came to ritual with me was after my big surgery at Midsummer 2013, and even then, she did not sit in circle with us. I wish I would have gotten a picture of us together last night – she was so cute! To have her there, next to me, and actively participating? I really have no words adequate. The human mind is so limiting in these situations, in the words we have available.

Where does one start to express the beauty?

I think one of the highlights of last night for me was after we had danced, rattled and drummed in our joy to build power for our working. Amanah was handing out the tokens she had made in communion with Ra, and two of the little girls went to the West of the altar. They began to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, making movements of the Spider climbing to the top of the altar.

Spider on our Spirit's Edge Mystery School's Witchcraft I & II initiation / graduation altar - Dec. 2, 2014

Spider on our Spirit’s Edge Mystery School’s Witchcraft I & II initiation / graduation altar – Dec. 2, 2014

What they didn’t know – well, but of course the spirits did know that were communicating with the girls – was that Spider represents so much to us as an ally in the Temple. Spider is that web of community and connection, and oftentimes we call on Great Spirit in the aspect of Spider for our rituals. Spider sits on our altar, and also in The Witch’s Croft, the home of our Spirit’s Edge Mystery School. Many of us began singing with them as well. Magick! Absolutely magick!

Another time a little girl went up to a little boy, stopped short in front of him, and as they looked at each other, she called out, well “hi!!” It was too cute for words!

The other interesting thing is that when the children were allowed to move around the circle, and for Yule it seemed fitting to let them play, they went clockwise at the beginning. They were raising their own energy, while expressing their joy and unconditional love and freedom.

Then after we completed our working portion of the ritual, they began to laugh and sing and circle the altar counter-clockwise, just as we were winding down our energy for the evening. Though of course it was prior to us sending out the remaining energy for a healing circle, so they had plenty of energy to burn!

The Fey were clearly present as well, in cahoots it would seem with the children, or even a little instigating going on perhaps? It is reminiscent to me of childhood tales of Elves. There were Fey and spirits playing hide and seek with things at the ritual. Little things that happened just to make light and laughter.

Today is somewhat a day of rest for me. As I wake up from my little nap, I feel surrounded by the joy and spirit of the season. The warmth and comfort of my home and my kittehs.

My Yule altar and tree!

My Yule altar and tree!

I love having the Yule candles burning and my home shrine candle burning to honor the spirits of my home and land.

And even a fire burning in the hearth can be such a gift. As the fire dances and meets our gaze, it matches the dance of the fire burning in our own soul. As we gently burn away what no longer serves, the fire is stoked, from a spark, to an ember to a bursting and swirling blaze of light and glory – the fire burning within and without. The Fire of Spirit.

In the Salon discussion and the Work last night, we talked about looking within, at what no longer serves and what we seek to grow in the coming year. As we called Spirit and the Gods, their presence enveloped and filled the space. It was as if a golden and silver tinsel, mixed with the purest iridescent kaleidoscope of woven light, filled the space.

Center/North on our Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple altar last night - Ra is on the right, and of course, the Sun is in the center. Blessed be!

Center/North on our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple altar last night – Ra is on the right, and of course, the Sun is in the center. Blessed be!

I had the honor of calling on the Quintessence, of Khepri, the scarab-headed morning aspect of Ra. The power and light that came through in that call is likewise beyond my human capacity for explanation. It so filled me and filled the space…it was, quite simply, incredible!

The Spirit of Yule. Of Christmas. Of this magickal time of year. The birth of the Sun, of the God, of Light, of Love and Growth for the New Year to come. I also think of Old Man Winter. That image of the slightly crotchety yet grand old man, bringing the snow and the cold, covering all of nature with his somewhat tattered and well-loved blanket. Him. Yes, him. He is cold on the outside, but he has the warmest heart burning within. Seek and ye shall find it.

We saw this magickal Yuletide Spirit in action last night, in all of its glory!

Some of  our extra raffle and silent auction items - most are not pictured as auction had ended, and the big raffle basket was on the registration table!

Some of our extra raffle and silent auction items – most are not pictured as auction had ended, and the big raffle basket was on the registration table, and our food drive items were in the truck and in big boxes! Dec. 20, 2014

The generous spirit of our community shone through in so many ways last night, including the food drive donations and the raffle tickets and silent auction donations. We collected food for Operation Food Search at our last two rituals, with such amazing bounty shared!

Many thanks to Amanah for all her work leading it, and also to Kim for her elven help! The silent auction was *huge* success, as was the raffle! Many thanks to Lindsey for all her hard work on the auction! We are officially a Missouri non-profit corporation, continuing to work on our official 501c3 status, and the funds raised go to help with this effort.

But there was even more than this last night… We usually help clean up our own room and offer to set it up for the folks using it the next day. It’s just what we do – many hands make light work. Last night it was a lot more involved. The Ethical Society had every table and chair used to set up for their big event today – holly twigs, tablecloths and more. We had to breakdown part of it in the other room prior to the ritual in order to set up for our event, and their careful arrangements were then necessarily left askew.

That did not last long! Our night was topped off by the community pitching in together to re-setup the room for the Ethical Society’s own big even the next day. This included hauling 40 chairs and nine tables back to the great hall. When the staff came down to check on us, and at that point, there was only one man who would have been re-setting it all up by himself, he was in shock, awe and wonder. He was immensely grateful and had his own loss of words to express his appreciation. As am I to our community.

Amanah, Lindsey and me after the Spirit's Edge Mystery School apprenticeship initiations - Dec. 2, 2014

Amanah, Lindsey and me after the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School apprenticeship initiations – Dec. 2, 2014

We had one other surprise in the Salon portion of our ritual, which I planned early in the day, and it was so fun! I created and printed our certificates for the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School yesterday!

Our Witchcraft I and II graduates – our first in the Mystery School! – received their certificates of completion last night in recognition for their hard work over the last year as well. Congratulations again for all of your hard work! It has been such a blessing having you as my students this year, and I am thankful for all I have learned from you as well. I look forward to our next year together in Witchcraft II & III!

Clearly our goals for the group this year, and the community we are building, have been more than exceeded – we are truly blessed. I look forward with child-like wonder to the amazing things that we will grow and experience this year together as part of our Temple.

Event pic for the Dawn of a New Dream by the don Miguel Ruiz family - don Miguel Jr., and don Jose Ruiz pictured

Event pic for the Dawn of a New Dream by the don Miguel Ruiz family – don Miguel Jr., and don Jose Ruiz pictured

I continue my personal work at this time of year with a spiritual pilgrimage to Teotihuacan, Mexico, led by don Jose, don Miguel Jr. and don Miguel Ruiz. It is a journey to leave behind what no longer serves, connecting with my Will and the power of my Spirit to set my intentions for 2015, living with gratitude, love, loyalty and justice, beginning with myself.

It will be a journey of rediscovery of truth and inner wisdom and making new agreements of transformation – freeing myself and reconnecting with my authentic self. With awareness in authenticity we can live our lives in heaven on earth, free of doubt, judgment and fear.

Me after the Spirit's Edge Mystery School WI & WII initiation ceremony - Dec. 2, 2014

Me after the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School WI & WII initiation ceremony – Dec. 2, 2014

My next year will be full of work writing Witchcraft III, all of the online classes in the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School, working on our Temple’s 501c3, of course the day gig (public policy and state legislative advocacy on behalf of long-term care consumers), and building my Life Coach business. I am in the process of my certification through Martha Beck, Inc. too!

If I tried to list all the blessings, I would fail, because there are simply too many to count! Love, blessings and magick everyone! Blessed Solstice! Merry Yule!

Blessed be!

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