Merlin and the Four Orders of Avalon, a Tale of a Pilgrimage

Me on the first day of the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage at the main house overlooking the estuary of the sea

Me on the first day of the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage at the main house overlooking the estuary of the sea

One year ago today, I landed in the UK for the first step of my journey on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage. The official start of the pilgrimage was to be the following day. At this time of the one year anniversary, I pick up the tale again of this powerful and magickal experience.

What is a pilgrim? A pilgrim is a journeyer, but that is not quite it. A pilgrim to me is a messenger, sharing messages of Spirit from the journey. A journey not shared is, well, just a journey. If you’d like to catch up on the tale thus far, check out My Journey on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage and Cerridwen, Bala Lake and the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage.

There are so many things to share that it is hard to decide which one to share next, so I shall go back to the beginning of our tale. Let’s turn the page and look at what is next to share from when I took part in the Temple of Witchcraft pilgrimage to Wales…

The Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage, Day 1, Saturday, August 17, 2013…

That evening, we did our first working with Merlin and the spirits of the land and place. The pulse of the land was palpable as we gathered in a circle, its energy running the circuits and bringing its gifts. I added a pink quartz heart to the altar that evening as we each were invited to add items to the altar each day.

We anointed ourselves with necromancy oil, a scary term to some, but it simply involves communication with the dead or spirits, and that was our intention – to connect with the ancestors and the Four Orders of Avalon.

IMG_3246Before we even had a chance to begin the meditation, I saw Merlin. He was wearing a many colored cloak. I heard him speak and felt him behind me. I felt his energy in my crown chakra, and I saw him on the mountain outside of the window across the water. He was there on the mountain. And he was with me in the room. He was in the land. Its breath was his breath. The fire within the Earth was the fire of his eyes and his staff.

As we stood in that circle, we each made an offering of energy into the chalice of water, which had an Oak alchemical tincture added to it. I have an affinity with Oak, it is my ally; it spoke to me. I carried my Oak wand with me on this journey. My hands were pulsing and vibrating as I sent Love into the chalice as my offering.

The equal armed cross was to play a large role for me personally in this working, though it was not really mentioned. A brief flashback for context… During the four years that I was in the mystery school, before my graduation, I started connecting on a much deeper level with the Hidden Company. In one of those journeys several years ago, they gifted me with an equal armed cross necklace, which I later found on the physical plane. It is a purple spiny shell oyster, and its tale is for another time. The part of its story for today is that I have a particular connection with the equal armed cross as a symbol. I have lead rituals on it here at home for my community over the years and also teach with it as a central feature of many guided meditations.

It was to make its presence known again to me in this night’s meditation.

We undertook on this evening a meditation to the Four Orders of Avalon. As I talk about the orders, think of them as offices. Think of it as each member of the Court of Avalon having or representing an office, which many can hold through the years.

primal - extraI traveled first to my inner temple, my inner sacred space, and it was darker and primal – there was, as one of my dear teachers used to say, “a whole whopping lot of power there.” I stood in the center of my sacred space, and I cast a circle three times with violet light. I cast it with my hand, feeling no need for tools, fitting in with the primal feel within my temple.

I faced the North, and I called on the Order of the Earth Queens. There were so many who came forward. One was a primal mother, yet the main one that approached and came for me was Queen Guinevere who wished to work with me. When I was young, I spent many a year en-rapt in the tales of Avalon and of Queen Guinevere and King Arthur, and had rediscovered this kinship on my pilgrimage to Glastonbury in 2011. (After I share the Wales stories, I will then begin to share more of the Glastonbury pilgrimage as well, though you can read some about my experience in the book The Waters & Fires of Avalon.)

Then I faced the East, I called to the Star Kings and the Dragon Kings. Again, there were many, and King Uther Pendragon came to talk with me, to be with me. He was so strong! He joined hands with Guinevere and the member of each of their orders. He spoke to me – a deep voice and feeling of presence.

I turned to the South and to the Order of Merlins, and again there were many that approached. Two stood out to me and grew. There was the Merlin of the Many Colored Cloak and the Merlin of the White Cloak. The Merlin of the Many Colored Cloak put his cloak around my shoulders. He then joined hands with King Uther. Merlin said he is here to work with me. This was the same Merlin that was with me in the physical room that I saw and heard prior to our meditation.

Then I turned to face the West and the Order of the Lady of the Lake. The Lady in White, who I first met on the Glastonbury pilgrimage and has been with me ever since, entered. She came immediately to me, was here for me, though once again, there were many more.

When all four orders were represented, they all joined hands. Four orders as One – Queen Guinevere, King Uther, Merlin of the Many Colored Cloak and the Lady in White as representatives of their offices in the circle. They each sent light across the circle, forming an equal armed cross, with me standing in the middle. The light of the equal armed cross went through me, ran though me. It exploded within me and without me. It spiraled and spun so fast, and I spun so fast, yet I was also completely still and it was … incredible!

Shea offering a reading in a ceremony on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage

Shea offering a reading in a ceremony on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage

When I left my temple, I released the circle, yet I still felt them all, near and close to me. I carried them with me that week in my heart, and they are still with me now, as guides and advisers and wise counsel.

They share their light in the cup for all to drink. All you need to do is ask. They are around, have been around, and will be around for millennia. They are here to serve, they help me serve, and they wish to help others to find their paths of service as well.

One journey. One night. From one pilgrimage.

So that is the story for now. Until we turn the page to see what comes next …

Blessed Be,


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