The Birth of Spirit’s Edge – A Look Back

Shea at Stonehenge during a ritual on the Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Shea at Stonehenge during a ritual on the Glastonbury Pilgrimage – Aug. 2010

Spirit’s Edge was founded in concept four and a half years ago on Jan. 1, 2010. The intention was set and the seeds were planted. During this time, I began public teaching and offering workshops.

Spirit’s Edge included several areas of focus, and as it developed, there was a clear need for more public work and the focus on developing rituals and providing a safe and welcoming place of community for all seekers was made a priority.

The intention was set. And since then, our intentions have been refreshed as we have done more, and to reflect our growing community and its goals and mission, with many more seeds planted along the way.

The name for the community/rituals portion of our work came through in May 2012. At that time, I held a semi-public gathering in my home as an initial step towards a full slate of public sabbat rituals. Much work ensued, including setting up a mission statement, a full set of Salon/Ritual dates for the next year, finding a venue, creating marketing materials (I was a busy girl!), and by July 2012, Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon was founded.

Altar for the Spirit's Edge Online Ritual for Hekate, Rite of Her Sacred Fires

Altar for the Spirit’s Edge Online Ritual for Hekate, Rite of Her Sacred Fires – May 2014

On the date of Hecate’s Feast, August 13, 2012, “Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon” was formalized in a private ritual at my home. Then our first full public Salon/Sabbat Ritual was Mabon 2012. We created our online community on Facebook in Sept. 2012, and our website was to come later that year, with a relaunch that next spring. (We update it regularly – check it out at!)

We have grown exponentially since and this community has created such a blessing through its welcoming spirit and all of those coming to Spirit’s Edge … both those new to the path and those experienced on the path … to share, learn and grow with each other. We have created a place of welcome and community to those of all traditions and related paths and journeys. And that is thanks to all of the members of the community!


Snip of our Facebook Community page for Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon and our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple. The photo is from Aug. 2, 2014 at Lammas – the formal initiation of our tradition!

Last October, just 10 months ago, we had just 130 members of our online Facebook community at Spirit’s Edge. Now? We have quadrupled in size and have about 420 – 300 more than last year! with two more months to go before we reach the marker of the same time last year.

In addition to our community members on Facebook, we also have about 360 members of our Witches, Shamans, Mages & Pagan Community Meetup at Spirit’s Edge as well.

We have also grown exponentially in both the amazing group of folks that have been attending rituals, all the new folks who come each time, and all of the work we have been doing, the markers on this path and the services we provide.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon has held a salon discussion and ritual for every sabbat since Mabon 2012,IMG_2390
  • Our founder Shea Morgan graduated from a four year mystery school in Dec. 2012 and began her work as an ordained minister in Feb. 2013,
  • In May 2013 we held our first public Full Moon Ritual and participated in an in person ritual of Hekate: The Rite of Her Sacred Fires in The Witch’s Croft (that’s my magickal teaching, ritual and healing space),
  • We were honored to perform the Opening & Closing Rituals at Pagan Picnic 2013,
  • Our first Witchcraft apprenticeship in person classes (W1 and W2), taught by Shea Morgan were announced at Pagan Picnic 2013,
  • Announcement of the formation of our Spirit’s Edge Mystery School was made in September 2013, which includes W1-W5,
  • We started our Witches & Pagans Field Trips in December 2013,
  • We started free online rituals and events on January 1, 2014,
  • Our first online apprenticeships were announced in September 2013,


    A snip of our website page on all of our classes, events, rituals, field trips, the Mystery School and more!—events.html

  • Our first online apprenticeship commenced March 2014 (right now we have three ongoing Mystery School apprenticeships, W1 and W2 in person and W1 online, which are taught by Shea – a new season of online rituals starts Spring 2014, watch our website for details, and we start our first in person W3 class for our current W2 students in Spring 2014),
  • Our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition was announced in March 2014 (check out the blog link further below!),
  • The first steps to form our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple as a federally recognized 501C3 started in Feb./March 2014, bringing into the physical plane and into manifestation much work that had been done in concept,
  • pic3In March 2014 we received/created our sigil.
  • In May 2014 we held our first online ritual to participate in Hekate: Rite of Her Sacred Fires as a wider community,
  • We held our first topic ritual, a Ritual of Healing, at this year’s Pagan Picnic 2014, and
  • We had our first booth for Spirit’s Edge at this year’s Pagan Picnic 2014,


Spirit's Edge / Spirit's Edge Shamonial Tradition / Temple Sigil, which was gifted to Shea in journey in March 2014 (copyright 2014 - all rights reserved)

Spirit’s Edge / Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition / Temple Sigil, which was gifted to Shea in journey in March 2014 (copyright 2014 – all rights reserved)

  • In July 2014, our minister Shea completed the 10-month intensive Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program, further growing her skills to also be used in spiritual counseling and her ministry work, and
  • On August 2, 2014 at Lammas, we formally initiated our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition!

You can also read more blog posts about our work:

Count Your Blessings, A Year of Fabulous Firsts

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Many thanks to all of the Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon / Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple members, and those in the wider community joining us at Spirit’s Edge, for making all of this possible.

It is an incredible community, doing the Great Work in the world, and I am so honored to be a part of it.

Much love and blessings and gratitude to all of you!


P.S. If you haven’t joined the community yet and would like to, all are welcome!

Spirit's Edge logo / Spirit's Edge Shamonial Tradition Sigil - Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells...

Spirit’s Edge logo / Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition Sigil – Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells…

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