My Journey on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage

My experience when I took part in the Temple of Witchcraft Wild Magick of Wales in August 2013 was powerful beyond the written or spoken word’s true capacity to convey meeting. In this aspect, it was similar to the Temple of Witchcraft Pilgrimage to Glastonbury two years earlier.

Me on the first day of our Temple of Witchcraft Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage - Aug. 17, 2013 at our home for the duration of our pilgrimage
Me on the first day of our Temple of Witchcraft Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage – Aug. 17, 2013 at our home for the duration of our pilgrimage

I wrote about part of my experience in Glastonbury in the Temple’s The Waters & Fires of Avalon, writings I began a month after that pilgrimage, and I plan to share more on that pilgrimage with the Cup and the Chalice on this blog site. Yet, I have not written about our pilgrimage to Wales, other than in the captions for the pictures I shared.

Since the Michael Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies Shamanism, Dying & Beyond weekend intensive a week ago, I have received many messages that *now* is the time to revisit that journey of our pilgrimage to Wales.

Now is the time to write about it. Now is the time to share it here with you.

And so I am …

Altar from our Temple of Witchcraft Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage
Altar from our Temple of Witchcraft Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage

When you go on a pilgrimage like this, it is life changing. It makes changes in the weave and threads of your life, expanding the tapestry, deepening its hues in ways that are difficult to explain. The Universe’s paintbrush is out in full force and dipped in so many glorious colors, repainting and coloring your life, in all directions – in all times, in all places, all woven into one.


It urges you to take up the paintbrush and paint new canvases for your life…and it continues to paint for you. I found from the Glastonbury pilgrimage that it is a gift that keeps giving for years to come. It is a gift of service, a gift of alchemy, a gift of my own soul’s journey and purpose.


A life of service. The culmination of many lifetimes of service – the apex. A ministry. A community. A tradition. Writing books. Teaching. Deities. The Hidden Company. A merging of souls. And let’s not forget the Ancestors, Faery, animals, plants and stones. Oh gods, and more.

Journaling on the Wild Magick of Wales pilgrimage
Journaling on the Wild Magick of Wales pilgrimage

These are some of the repeated themes and messages that I have had for many years, escalating in the last six years, in my own studies, in my studies with the Temple of Witchcraft at the time, the pilgrimage to Glastonbury, my studies with don Miguel Ruiz and his family and the Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies…and the Wild Magick of Wales pilgrimage.

Faster, bigger, faster, bigger. Intensity. Processing. Drinking from the fire hose. (I had a boss that used to say that, and it fits perfectly!) Take a breath. More processing. Shock and awe. Breathing again. Processing. … Integration. Embracing. Merging. Oneness. A soul’s right path.

Yeah, that word, “processing.” When I was on the Glastonbury pilgrimage, it came easily to me, as it did on our more recent Wales pilgrimage. I received many initiations. I received many teachings; entire books were gifted to me of various teachings. So much happened!

And I rolled with it. Flowing with the messages. In Glastonbury, there were challenges as folks were “processing” – that was the word that Christopher used. I wasn’t so big into that idea, which was confirmed for my part at least, when he told me on that pilgrimage that he was not at all worried about me and my ability to process it all. I didn’t need attention or support – I just did it. And it was *amazing*.

The Temple of Witchcraft's Wild Magick of Wales pilgrims!So I mean, what was the big deal? That was my own personal journey of course. I’m Scorpio (sun)-Scorpio (rising)-Cancer (moon). Water, water…and more water. I *live* in this place and for this stuff, right? Intensity, life, death, rebirth, shadow, spirits, magick…Spirit. And that is quite true. Yet, in looking back, though it took a different form for me, my processing has been intense over the last two years in its own way.

A rebirth of myself, of my life, merging lifetimes and souls. Life. Living!


Where does one start when you look back on a pilgrimage like this? How does one begin to share the magick and the messages? How can you pick just one place to begin? As we all know, sometimes the beginning is not the beginning.

Let’s open the book and see. ..

The Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage Day 4, Tuesday, August 20, 2013…part of our evening session…

We gathered together for teachings and work with Merlin as the archetypal wizard. We talked of shamans and ceremonial magicians. Sound familiar? Yep, shamans and mages – right where I needed to be!

Ravens abounded on our retreat, always bringing beautiful messages!Plants, animals and spirits. Kingship, Arthur and the Faeries. It was like coming home to where I lived in my youth, teen and college years.

And coming home to Wales, I had been here before in this lifetime and knew I would return. The power and the magick of the land and its spirits call to me, to my blood. I have had lifetimes here.

We talked of Merlin as a necromancer. Now, before anyone begins worrying here, all is o.k., I promise! Why? Anyone who is a medium is a necromancer. A necromancer is one who talks to the dead, to the spirits. I too am a medium.

Some say Merlin was a man. Some say Merlin was an office, and that there have been many Merlins over time. This resonates with me. Some say Merlin is a consciousness, tying into the myths of Atlantis. Yet I do believe it is all three – three truths, One…all three in one. This concept of three in one is also a key in the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition from the teachings received last week. It makes sense to me on so many levels, kind of a {slaps palm to forehead} “duh, of course!” moment. (Um, yeah, this happens a lot lately, lol.)

There are so many amazing books and teachings on Merlin, Arthur, Faery and all things related – an unbelievable amount of teachings. Dion Fortune’s work (fabulous writings by my Master Teacher!), more recently Red Tree, White Tree by Wendy Berg, R.J. Stewart’s books, even Ted Andrews…going back to Geoffrey of Monmouth.

I will be writing more on this later, as Merlin asked me to teach and write of him upon my return from Wales. I did make his requested offering in the river.

Reminiscent of Merlin's cave
Reminiscent of Merlin’s cave

This pilgrimage to Wales was the journey of the Wand. For this I brought my Oak wand that my dear brother Daedalus had made and gifted to me at Templefest. It was Oak from the base of the tree, the deep part of the tree where its mighty roots begin to dig into the soil. The place where I begin most of my journeys, with my Oak, my World Tree, my Shaman’s Tree…my home.

We each undertook a journey that night to meet with Merlin as a Shaman or as a Magician. I believe I encountered a little of both. We were to look to our Will and what it had to tell us. In our sacred space, we each pulled down the Starry Light into our wand, and the Land and its spirits into our chalice. We combined those energies in the chalice by placing our wand into our chalice. We smelled and then drank of our beer sacrament. We dropped into our journeys. We traveled to Arianrhod’s Castle.

With my wand on my lap and in my hands, the chalice between my legs, I journeyed with them – my partners, my allies. I rose up out of my body and travelled straight to Arianrhod’s Castle, as I had been there before. Arianrhod was gleaming in silver, beaming and radiant. You could see the Wheel of the castle.

Harlech Castle in Wales
Harlech Castle in Wales

Arianrhod blessed me and invited me to sit in her chair. In this chair, I saw. I saw all of space and time. The castle melted away when I was in her chair, and I was seeing all time and all of space. It was so hard to describe afterwards. It was like being in many circles and a circling chamber that is circled by globes. And you see through the globes into everywhere. You could pick one out, one moment or time and it would be there. All moments, all times were there as one in these globes.

As I write this, I realize that this fits with my reality map – my map or cosmology of the Universe, my way of understanding the Universe – which I created in the Temple of High Magick, Witchcraft IV apprenticeship. It was my culmination project before my graduation from the Temple’s Mystery School in December 2012, completing my studies with the Temple.

Yes, like that.

It is also akin to a cosmology I was given as part of the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition, which I received in the Shamanism, Dying & Beyond weekend intensive last weekend. They all tie in together! They all give a piece of the puzzle, of the cosmos – of the cosmology for our tradition.

As I was in this journey, all centered on Spirit’s Edge and on the journey I had been on with the Temple of Witchcraft. Then I looked at my magickal will – Will, my true will – and what it said to me.

I saw myself in my Will, teaching large groups, leading Spirit’s Edge as the founder.

During that journey, I saw a vision of myself in my elder years with Christopher, as we both had white/grey hair, working together.

I saw multiple visions, different visions of these things in my life and in this incarnation.

I saw a Temple that I am to found and build, which I now know is the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple.

I saw that I am to write books, just like many of my teachers and mentors over the years had told me many times. Just like the messages in Glastonbury, but now with more urgency to do it, to begin that work. I saw myself signing books. I received more messages for books, which until I reread my notes from this journey I had forgotten one of the book topics and teachings that were gifted to me.

But the most amazing thing to me now is what the Reality Map on this journey looked like. It was the Universe as multidimensional spheres all around you. You could hold one in your hands and see the vision. This map had the globes and the separating disks. It was part of the symbols that were gifted to me for our shamonial tradition last week.

The vision and experience I had of “being in many circles and a circling chamber,” when I sat in Arianrhod’s chair, is like the Merkaba. It is a key part to the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition, and something that I will be writing about as time goes forward.

I communed with Merlin.

I asked him, I asked my Will, I listened for direction and guidance to the questions … What am I to do to enact this? What am I to do to make it happen?

The answer was … I am already doing it.

I was to be a minister, which I already was an ordained minister. I was to create a ministry, which I had already started. I was to continue to build Spirit’s Edge and The Witch’s Croft. Continue the Work.

When I finish my Martha Beck Life Coach Training, I am to begin to write a book. They told me which book to begin with first.

I am to continue my teaching, the apprenticeships and to keep doing and building more.

Doing. Building. This was the same message I received later at the Harner Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive in October 2013 … that this is a time of doing. Do it. Do it now.

Straddling the waters of Merlin's Pool at the base of Dinas Emrys.
Straddling the waters of Merlin’s Pool at the base of Dinas Emrys. Just how I like it… between the worlds.

Oh, is that all?

{pauses to breathe…}

One journey. One night. From one pilgrimage.

So that is the story for now. Until we turn the page to see what comes next…

Blessed Be,



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