Gratitude and Water…oh, and amazement at this beautiful journey and Spirit’s Edge!

Last week after the most amazing week, I had the flu. Or food poisoning. About eight of us did with the gig. It was after two of the most fabulously successful days in our Missouri State Capitol Building for our Advocacy Day. 26 meetings, including with the House and Senate leadership. Quite an end cap, right? But I used it as a gift, an opportunity to purge and release what does not serve. Powerful.

The Power of the Moon, of Water

The Power of the Moon, of Water

A few things occurred to me, one while I was in that moment.

The beauty of water. We take it for granted. We take drinking for granted. The ability to sip a pure, cool, life giving glass of water. Until you can’t do it. Until you can’t take that long, quenching drink. Until you can’t take that sip. When ice chips are your friend and only nourishment.

True, this can happen when you are sick, but it also happens when you age, when you are dying. Though at those times, it is not about the nourishment as the body no longer needs it anymore, as the body is taking in only what is required. We talk about this with hospice folks at my gig. And I experienced it with my Grandmother when I helped her crossover two years ago.

Drinking a glass of water.

Every morning I bless my coffee. I bless the water that goes into it. I have a power sigil that I “carve into” and project into my coffee. Runes. The power of my allies and of nature. Every morning, without fail. I teach this to my students. And as timing always is so amazing on this path, in the

From the Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon Imbolc Ritual with White Buffalo Calf Woman

weeks just prior to this, I had just given a teaching on the beauty and power and magick of Water to my Witchcraft II apprenticeship in person students in the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School. We continue to talk about it on our apprenticeship class Facebook page.

Water. I am grateful.

The other thing that occurred to me in the past week was that I still got everything done. Everything important. Work on the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School and all its classes; all the registrations for the Witchcraft I Online Apprenticeship that just started March 1 (amazing sign ups and fabulous group of new students…I am positively blown away!); Spirit’s Edge liturgy coming through faster and faster, including a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (almost ready!); set up the Spirit’s Edge Online Ritual of New Beginnings for March 30; prepared for our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon upcoming Ostara Ritual on March 22; a fabulous life coaching session where I coached a fellow Martha Beck Life-Coach-in-Training…and more.

That’s a lot, right? I mean, for a girl who was laying on the bathroom floor part of the time. Wow. So what’s the take home message?

When you are in the flow, doing what you love and following your soul’s calling, your true path, there is no obstacle too great. Every mountain in your path becomes a pebble washed away by the cleansing water, refreshing you on your journey.

Yep, there’s the water again. It clears the way. It clears the path. Inside and out. All that does not serve. All those who would seek to block you from the Work on your true path for whatever reason or purpose.

It just doesn’t matter. (Shout out to my Master Teacher Dion Fortune.) It also flows in with the most amazing people and powerful gifts. The power of water. It cleanses. It renews. It removes. It blesses.

In the Water Area of Pagan Picnic last year, where I was teaching a workshop, A Journey with Death

In the Water Area of Pagan Picnic last year, where I was teaching a workshop, A Journey with Death

Astrologically, I’m a water girl, so it’s no surprise. But I don’t like those labels, because you can work with all the elements, embrace them, embody them, no matter your astrological chart, by working with what you have, by working with and honoring your special gifts, your unique medicine in the world.

Growing up in partnership with nature. A tomboy. Exploring this partnership through Shamanism, Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick studies with many teachers and on my own.

I experienced this more deeply in my studies years ago with Ellen Dugan. And I was recently reminded of them by Judika Illes. Of course, also through my four years in the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School as well, which I graduated in 2012.

I have more in my chart than water, it is just my home base. It is power. It is beauty. It is awe. It is Love. The Moon, the Oceans, their play upon the land, the spirits and Spirit. Home.

As I thought of water, this morning I realized something else. Another release was happening this time last year. You can read about my big journey last year in my Dec. 21, 2013 Winter Solstice post here.

Last year I had three surgeries. The first before the Winter Solstice 2013. The second was literally the day after I taught my Ostara class at the Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, just a few days after I led our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon Ostara ritual last year, so just a few weeks from now last year. Thus this blog post that came through this morning.

I also used that surgery, where the inside of my uterus was boiled, as an opportunity to purge and release all that does not serve.

There is water again. Water. Hot water. Cleansing water. Purifying water. Burning away all that no longer services on every level.

I watched it on the screen as it was happening. I worked with my guides and allies – I worked with my Gods. To release. To Will myself through the pain. To watch this happening on the monitor was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The meanings are hard to express in writing.

Your Womb.

This is the center of Life. This is the power of Life. This is the power of Creation. The impact it had on all the caregivers, on all of those in the surgery, as they knew I was fully conscious by choice and using meditation to help with the incredible, beyond my comprehension pain.

I was in my healing chamber. I was in that room. I was in both worlds, in all worlds, while I was on that table. It touched so many people. They all thanked me, explaining to me what this experience meant for them on their journeys, as doctors, as nurses, as caregivers. I thanked them and Spirit. Spirit touched so many people. By living my path in every moment. In that moment.

Women who have borne children describe that pain as worse than childbirth. 10 minutes for that part of the surgery. Tick tock. Tick tock. With that surgery, I birthed myself again anew. I renewed myself in the deepest, most personal way possible at Ostara. It was the beginning of so many more new beginnings.

Here is a photo from our March 2013 Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon Ostara Ritual & Salon

Here is a photo from our March 2013 Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon Ostara Ritual & Salon, a few days before my second surgery last year

Just two weeks later, I was on a plane to Sacramento for my very first Michael Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) weekend intensive. That experience is worth several blogs just for itself. And I was in the middle of the A Course in Mastery: The 7 Toltec Gateways for Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power and Mastering Your Life – a seven week intensive with don Miguel Ruiz and his family. More rebirth. More renewal.

I continued on to the FSS Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive in October, and this weekend will see more work on the death and dying aspect that we covered in the fall, through the FSS Shamanism, Dying & Beyond weekend intensive, one year after my first FSS formal training.

Part of our 2013 opening day crew at the Temple of Witchcraft booth, two days before my surgery - the show must go on! And with Spirit, it can!

Part of our 2013 opening day crew at the Temple of Witchcraft booth, two days before my surgery – the show must go on! And with Spirit, it can!

The third surgery was quite literally the day after Pagan Picnic last June. The very next day after months and weeks of preparation for Picnic in the midst of the other surgery and studies.

Just after two days of hard and long work organizing and managing the Temple of Witchcraft booth for the third year, *and* teaching two workshops – A Journey with Animals and A Journey with Death.

The next day, my Womb was removed in a partial hysterectomy, but that is a tale for another day.

This year we are doing our first Spirit’s Edge booth at Pagan Picnic! It’s June 7-8. I am teaching a workshop on Saturday on a Journey with Plant Spirits, and a surprise to be announced for Sunday at Picnic! I am thrilled for our inaugural Spirit’s Edge booth – it is so great and awe-inspiring to have our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon community so committed and doing all of this hard work! Well, I’m not surprised, both because they rock of course, and also because they were a huge help last year with the Temple of Witchcraft booth. We have had so many hand crafted and magickal donations, and financial contributions, to our first Spirit’s Edge booth already, and it is not even Ostara yet!

I am so excited to see the further birth resulting from this year’s Pagan Picnic for Spirit’s Edge as we birth this booth, just as I birthed the inaugural Temple of Witchcraft booth three years ago with my friends…resulting in such growth, such outreach to the community and record amounts of funds raised/ increasing each year for the Temple of Witchcraft. I am confident the Spirit’s Edge community will do the same this year for our first booth, and I cannot wait to see what fabulous things come of our Work together in the many years to come.

A photo from the 2013 Pagan Picnic A Journey with Death workshop, a shamanic perspective on the Death & Dying Process

A photo from the 2013 Pagan Picnic A Journey with Death workshop, a shamanic perspective on the Death & Dying Process

A life of Water. Of Scorpio. Of the Phoenix. Of the Snake. Of the Benu Bird. And ultimately of Eagle, the highest expression of Scorpio.

So this morning, as I sip my coffee, after my morning coffee ritual, I have gratitude. To my friends. To my Family. To the Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon community. To my students. To my guides and allies. To my teachers. To my own minister, Mickie Mueller. To my gods. And of course, last but not least, to Water.

The journey continues. And I absolutely cannot wait to see where it takes me next! Blessed be.

Love and gratitude,


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