Journey with the Land and Spirits of Connection

My soul sings . . . ahhh. Have you sung your soul lately? You know, it’s song . . . heard its voice, let loose like no one was watching, like you did perhaps as a child? There is nothing like a vigil in nature and connection with the land to bring the song of your soul through and to sing its joy.

Full Moon btwn Elm and Apple at dusk - 5-24-2013

Almost Full Moon…at Dusk on May 24, 2013…Framed by one of the old Elm Trees to the left and one of the Apple Trees to the right

I am safely home from another amazing journey into the arms of nature at the farm. A lovely time with my Mom and Dad on the land that is our Century Farm, which has been in the family over 100 years, since about 1902. To walk that land, to walk on the bones of my ancestors and feel all of their work that went into the land, is to touch All, to touch the worlds. To borrow a quote by Meister Eckhart from the 14th Century, courtesy of Martha Beck …

When I was the stream,
when I was the forest,
when I was still the field,
when I was every hoof, foot, fin and wing . . .,
there was nothing
I could not love.

To touch the two old Elms that have seen such weathers, winds, winters and wanderings on their land, is a description beyond the use of language. The old Elms connect in deeply to the earth, drinking up all that happens on the land, and if we have ears to listen, they whisper it back to us in quiet moments as the breeze blows through their branches. They shade and protect a happy and healthy Ash, no small feat in this time of Elm and Ash diseases, and two of our three Apple trees. Another small Apple from my Grandmother K., a Yew, and either two native Hawthorn or Elder varieties also complete the picture in the back of the old farmhouse, framing the view of the fields beyond.

Such a beautiful drive up to the farm on Friday, singing the song of my soul in the car, catching up with a dear sister under the warmth of the sun and the light Spring breeze and losing ourselves in the beauty of connection. Pausing to enjoy the ride, tapped into the All that embraced me, with Vultures accompanying my trip throughout, and then seeing me safely home again, as well as Red-Tailed Hawk. When we tap into the divine that runs through all things, and connect in with our heart, we are never truly alone – just look around and feel the pulse of all of nature . . . the plant and animal spirits abound.

Full Moon at almost dark - 5-24-2013

Almost Full Moon…at almost dark…May 24, 2013.

Friday night I held a vigil outside from dusk to sometime much after dawn on Saturday morning, when a more serious strike of lightning, accompanied by much rain, signaled the end of the night’s vigil.

Wrapped in the warmth of my Grandmother K.’s shawl, I called Owl that night. Owl arrived and made himself loudly known at the stroke of the Full Moon, by banging on the Purple Martin house before he settled into a branch on one of the old Elm Trees.

The Full Moon was at 11:25 p.m. CST on Friday, May 24, along with a Lunar Eclipse. Owl and Coyote both made themselves very known in that moment.

Though this time, it was not our Great Horned Owl of before, but a Barred Owl. His mate returned his call and they chatted off and on for quite a while. Owl and I communed for many hours as he alternately sat in the tree, and then on top of the Purple Martin house for a great long while – his beautiful feathers ruffling and blowing in the winds, as we stared from afar into each others’ eyes. The Coyotes howled with the unique sound of their young as well. Unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, the cycle of life continues, and it also sounded like a farm dog perchance met his demise in the wee hours of the morning at their hands.

It rained much of the weekend, the skies pouring down seven to eight inches of rain as the lightning put on its show and the thunder shook the skies. We spent our time watching all of nature from inside the screened in porch. This included the arrival of the Hummingbirds and the Monarch Butterflies after the worst of the storms had passed on Monday. Plus, more Purple Martins, Wren singing and making his nest, and a Mourning Dove making its appearance. No sign of our resident Bald Eagle, but we did talk to our neighbors down the road about the behavior and patterns of our mutual friend Eagle.

It was a weekend of much spiritual play, reading, yoga and resting. I will post a review later on my Facebook page on The Flying Witches of Veracruz by James Endredy and of Dion Fortune’s Book of the Dead (a newer edition of her Through the Gates of Death book), which I read in research and preparation for the free workshop I will be doing on Saturday, June 8, Noon at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic – Journeying with Death, A Shamanic Perspective on the Dying Process.

I really delved into the exercises of Martha Beck in her book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life you Want – amazing! I will be taking her life coach training program starting this fall, which is the last piece that I need in order to become the kind of life coach that I want to be in order to most help others. She uses the word “play” instead of “work,” which I love. I have been adopting the use of the word “play” in lieu of “work” as you may notice. My motto has always been to “make work fun” so this fits perfectly, well, and on so many other levels! – play is a joyous word and spirituality to me is joyous in its beauty, love and connection.

cropped Callie and Full Moon - 5-24-2013

Callie held vigil as well with the Full Moon, though she was not quite as fond of the Coyotes!

As part of delving into Martha Beck’s exercises, I used her methods instead of my own usual methods to “call” animals the next two nights, from the space or place of what she calls “Wordlessness and Oneness” that I have now started to call W&O. : ) I believe all of her terms, methods and feelings will immediately ring a bell for those on the path of the Witch, Shaman or Magician. Many thanks to my dear coven sister Cat for turning me on to Martha Beck and all her woolly wildness!

The first night that I used this method to “call” animals, on Saturday night, I dropped into W&O and called Coyote to come to the South of the house in the field. I pictured and saw him there and knew he would be there. Sure enough, at about 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, there went Coyote – and specifically to the South of the house in the field. Mom said that not only are they never seen in daylight, that she has never seen one on that side of the house, out in the open. Further, she declared that in the entire time she lived there in her childhood and youth, and has owned this land that is our Century Farm, she only saw a Coyote once . . . on the other side of the house way down by the wooded area. Mom’s brother, my Uncle, confirmed the same.

On Sunday, Mom, Dad and I visited the cemetery where most of our beloved dead on Mom’s side are buried. I asked permission to enter the cemetery to pay our homage. On the physical plane, we gave our annual contribution to the cemetery, and we also tended a few others’ graves while we were there. I had infused a rock that had called to me at the farm, with love, peace and the energy of our land, and I brought it and placed it in a hole in front of the grave of the ancestors who originally bought what is now our Century Farm – Sarah and Dewitt. We placed flowers on the graves of all of our ancestors there.

cropped Shea at cemetery - 5-26-2013

Shea at the cemetery, flowers and trowel in hand…a Witch is always prepared! With my gorgeous tree friend shading the oldest part of the cemetery where our oldest beloved dead are buried.

Then we drove around the cemetery, with the windows open, playing the Statler Brothers’ Amazing Grace on CD, over and over, as I sang out the song with love to our beloved dead. I sang out to them, to those they knew, to those who served, and to those forgotten, projecting and sending the energy of love into the land and to the dead. I gave our thanks on the way out of the cemetery and took our leave.

On Sunday night, I again dropped into W&O, and I called Deer and Fawn to come to the edge of the field, into the grass edge on the East side of the house – the backyard of the farmhouse. Sure enough, in the morning before 6 a.m. on Monday, there was Deer and Fawn. So beautiful! I saw them there before they came and knew they would be there just as I had visualized. Such a gift . . . I give them all my gratitude.

Monday afternoon we checked on what appeared to be a neglected horse, and I reported it to the County Sheriff. But by the time Mom and I got back to the house, all proverbial hell broke loose – we were back just in the nick of time, of course. ; ) Straight line winds like we had never seen, heard or felt. I dragged Mom into the house lest she get blown off by the winds. I connected in with the winds, particularly the South Wind that was blowing, to help calm things, and with the spirit of Alder, lit a candle to All, and I contacted another Witch for aid which she graciously lent as well (thanks and much love to you, sister!). We only lost a third of a Bradford Pear that was 20 years old and already had been hit by lightning last year. It officially met its demise, or well, it will soon with the last third standing.

Two Purple Martins at Sunset at the Farm - 2013-05-25

Two Purple Martins at Sunset at the Farm on Saturday, May 25, 2013

I was amazed at the stalwart Spirit of the House and its solidity. It will see many more years to come, as will the old Elms. After the storm, the Sheriff called to say he had visited the people with the horse and taken care of the problem and will keep an eye on it.

Then our neighbors came by, having been in another town all day and drove by us on their way home and saw the tree down in our front yard. We visited on the trees, the storm, the animals and birds, and they said they would keep an eye on the horse when out on their runs – they had not noticed before. The neighborliness of country folk and that connection of looking out for each other never ceases to amaze me. Many blessings to them and their family!

A quote from Albert Einstein, also via Martha Beck, that spoke to me this weekend is:

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe.” . . . He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison. . . . Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature.

Well, I cannot think of anything better to sum up the magick of a visit to the farm!

As many of you know, I have been on a quest of sorts related to the Ice Cream Truck and Popsicles,  which I intend to write about soon related to a story that has been coming to me since January – a story of childhood magick and imagination. Right before I left for the farm, I finally got my grape popsicle at the grocery store! Believe me, it was everything a grape popsicle should be! For good measure, on the way to the farm, I brought and ate a red and orange popsicle too – after all, I just couldn’t let them feel left out. ; ) While at the farm . . . yep, you guessed it . . . the Bomb Pops were obtained at a local store, and for good measure, the Ice Cream Sandwiches as well. Joy!

All aspects of my soul fully sated by this trip, I now come home to more spiritual play, readying for a second interview tomorrow and so much more. I do this with a full heart, my cup filled to the brim and overflowing with love to all, as I hold the blessings of this weekend, and of our connection to all of nature and to All in my heart.

May the blessings of the winds, the land and the spirits of nature walk with you and whisper their stories to you as well.


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