Musings on my journey with the Morrighan, the Temple of Witchcraft and Spirit’s Edge

Merry meet everyone, I’m here! Yay! I plan to use this blog to post various witchy thoughts and meanderings on my path in the hopes of providing inspiration for others along the way.

I can hardly believe where I started and where I am now. It is both extremely exciting and terrifying at the same time. My guides, deity (especially the Morrighan!) and my Higher Self and have pushed me hard towards teaching, writing, healing and leading ceremony. Kicking and screaming I might add.  So now, my job is to “own” it. Just as I grew into my magickal name, gifted to me in dreams and journey, so I now need to grow into my new path.

As I embark on this journey, I look at all I have accomplished in the last six months, and of course over many years. As my guides have said, you must fill your cup before you can fill the cups of others. Part of that is taking a moment to recognize your hard work.  So let me take a moment to do that now…

In the last six months, I taught my first ever workshop, which was at the 2012 St. Louis Pagan Picnic that I was asked by Christopher Penczak to teach for the Temple on a Temple of Witchcraft teaching, appropriately I chose The Apple Tree & the Isle of Avalon, tying into our Glastonbury Pilgrimage in Aug. 2011 … started public rituals and salons (i.e. teaching/magickal discussions) as the founder of Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon … began teaching at a local shop, The Center for Mind, Body and Spirit … and began offering witchcraft and magickal classes, readings, individual sessions and crystal healings in my new magickal space Spirit’s Edge: The Witch’s Croft!/events/409627862441547/?fref=ts … and much more.

Ahhh, that feels better. Now, I endeavor to continue this work, while looking for the other career that will allow me to do both, as I transition into this new life. Can you believe that in less than a month, December 2012, that I will graduate from the Temple of Witchcraft’s Mystery School?!! Me either!

My personal journey to this point involves so much tied into my matron deity, the Morrighan, that I thought it only appropriate to start this blog, in my very first post, with a look back on the last few years with Her, that came to me on Saturday night…

As I made my weekly offering outside in my tree circle, of red wine to my matron, the Morrighan, and to the Fey and Land Spirits, I was reminded of the very first time I made my offering to Her. She became my matron during the Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft III Weekend Intensive journey on Sunday, November 14, 2010, which was itself a year to the day from when I invoked her for the first time, at her request, and with the guidance of my teacher, Christopher Penczak.

Taken after the ritual with my coven where I invoked the Morrighan for the first time

That next weekend, I was driving the Orange Beast (aka orange Camaro – oh, yeahhhh!) and tooling around New Hampshire singing like a crazy fool. I went to High Priestess Alix’ Wright’s Full Moon ritual at Christopher’s office that Friday night, including a guided meditation into the Temple for the first time. It was my first ritual in New Hampshire with the Temple!  I did the Great Rite in the ritual. I had driven around in the Orange Beast practicing my lines out loud that day to memorize them! After the ritual, Alix asked me to offer the ritual wine outside. That night was my first weekly offering to the Morrighan, and how appropriate that this was the first offering – there, outside of my teacher’s office, who had guided me so far and whose matron is Macha, an aspect of the Morrighan.

The next night, Saturday, at the graduation ceremony and ritual for our year long online Outer Temple of Witchcraft II class (I had previously graduated from the Outer Temple of Witchcraft II Weekend Intensive one year before), was the same, offering the ritual wine outdoors … and every Saturday for a year straight after that, missing only one. I fondly remember my conversation with Steve Kenson and Adam Sartwell on that Saturday night.

That night, I also learned of much more about my spiritual path and what was to come from Christopher, including a merging and altering of souls, and I still feel I am barely scratching the surface of my understanding of it. It all seems both so long ago, and also just like it was yesterday…sweet paradox.

And Christopher gave me my first Datura seeds, and now, they’re running beautifully amok with all the banes. (Check out the article I wrote on Harvesting the Banes for the Temple Bell newsletter in the Lammas 2012 issue found at

As for the weekly offerings, I still do it. I love the connection and expressing my love and gratitude. The Morrighan is not easy, she pushes me to be more, do more, give more. She is a part of me, and I love Her. She is much of the reason why I am now teaching, writing and why Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon and its public rituals were started. She makes things happen…even if you don’t know that you are ready.

Of course, my Higher Self is quite involved, and much love and support and gentle counsel from Christopher, and the wisdom of all my teachers over the years, and the love of my coven sisters and classmates and the Temple ministers and all those I have met on this path.

On Saturday, my Mom was shopping for my Living Temple of Witchcraft V cords! I love her, I mean, how cool is that for her to do this for me? Graduation from the Temple of Witchcraft’s Mystery School, and my last class the High Temple of Witchcraft IV, is a week or so from now, wow. So much has happened on this journey.

I have been working intensively for a while now on my solitary Living Temple of Witchcraft/ Witchcraft V ministerial/seminary studies, and it has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens next … said with both excitement and some trepidation. But anything worth doing always comes with some level of fear. All you have to do is walk through it. And so we continue our journey…

Many blessings,

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One Response to Musings on my journey with the Morrighan, the Temple of Witchcraft and Spirit’s Edge

  1. Tina says:

    What a beautiful beginning! Continued blessings on your journey.

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